Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doctor Who Double Feature II: Amy's Choice and The Lodger

As I will have a busy week working on the empty sidebar --->

Let's watch two interesting Doctor Who's from this current season, the great Matt Smith.

Tomorrow night, I will be putting up rates for posts, inspired by DaTechGuy's rates.  I am currently a full time Blogger and partisan, there are ways to alleviate the pain while I am on the quest for the Dream and day job.

Presently, I will be working on putting together a rally for my candidate friends in North Hollywood.  As always, the Gonzo Journalist Robert Stacy Mc Cain is helping with the project.   I will write the proposal tomorrow. 

So, busy week ahead.  Now let's enjoy some Who.

Amy's Choice is a great character driven piece with Toby Jones snarking as the Dream Lord.  He gets some of the funniest lines in this episode.  The mystery is, who is the Dream Lord?  Which world is real? Upper Leadworth with a pregnent Amy Pond and Dr. Rory? Or the freezing TARDIS?

And the funniest line? "If you had any more tawdry quirks, you'd open a tawdry quirk shop!" 

Enjoy Amy's Choice!

The Second episode tonight is The Lodger.  Imagine the Doctor trying to integrate to day to day life.  It's funny and quaint.  A love story and emotional growth here (Let's all say "awwww,")

Enjoy The Lodger!

Funniest lines?

Doctor: All I have to do is fit in like an ordinary human being....
Amy Pond: Have you seen you?
Doctor: So you're just going to be snide and give no helpful hints?
Amy Pond:  Here's one.  Bow tie -- GET RID! 

And the question for tonight: Is history made because of Great Events or Great Men and Women? Tell me why.

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