Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Years Hence

On the morning of September 11, 2001, New York City had a mayoral Primary race going on (where Alan Hevesi, Jack Chartier's [my friends father] boss, was running).  It was another morning for the Pentagon and those in Congress and the new White House.  Even though the Administration had a delay in having their people appointed (by the Election Overtime), life still moved forward. 

At 8:46 AM, the world shifted on its axis.  (Timeline here)

Anyone who reads books knows the lesson of "Foreshadowing,"  Bin Ladin and Al Queda made their message known in 1993 and throughout the multiple bombings in the 90's. 

No one knew what to expect on that Autumn Morning. And those who use the partisan attack "Bush knew," seem to forget that there was no detail on how the attacks were to happen or what Bush should have done.

Should President Bush have arrested every single Muslim on September 10th?  Those who protested against Gitmo would have surely raised a stink if President Bush did that.  The hypocrisy is that thick.

On the morning of the attacks, President Bush was in a school in Sarasota, Florida with Rep. Dan Miller (FL-13), the man whom I interned with during the beginning of the 104th Congress.  Again, the partisans who hated Bush would have attacked the former President whatever his actions.  No matter what he did, it how he did it, he would still have been attacked. 

Politics used to stop at the Water's edge; No longer.

Those who, nine years hence, ask for "unity and support," during this current Administration have forgotten their actions during the last one.  Don't ask if you cannot give, and if you couldn't give during the former Administration, don't be surprised that no one is giving alms today.

The GZM and the Koran burnings are the flip side of the same coin.  Remember when Theo van Gogh was killed? Remember the fire of the "Mohammad cartoons?"  Or "Draw a Mohammad day?"  Or South Park's creators being under attack for the  same issue?

During the last Administration, the talking class said whatever the Bush Administration did created more "terrorists,"  Looking at the examples above, anything is a provocation, so the arguement fails. 

No Koran burnings and no GZM is the only answer.  But tolerance is a two way street.  When there are multiple Minyans in Mecca and Israel is recognized, in toto, by the Arab League, then I will listen kindly on Islam's worries. 

As long as there are stonings, hangings, and "Honor killings,"  (all under Sharia Law), then I don't want Americans to ally with those whose thinking is not beyond  the 12th Century.

In the end, we can only pray that no more attacks occur.  But if everything we do is a provacation, then do anything you want. 

Nine years from today, I hope the Towers are built by Wall Street and Liberals re-learn how to love Americans of both political persuasions by the Waters edge. 

Your thoughts?

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