Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 9/26/10 Edition

To test any theory, you follow the Scientific Method. 
If you remember your Junior High School Science, the Scientific method works this way:
Now, here is what I am considering with 60 Minutes:
1. Does 60 Minutes produce stories sympathetic to Democratic Partisans?
2. They do.  A week by week inventory of the 43rd season's stories will prove that democrats get treated better the Republicans; Whether individuals or issues.
3.  And here we are!
Now let's start:
Story 1)  A Relentless Enemy -- Lara Logan discuses the effects of battle on the US Soldiers in Afghanistan. 
Lara Logan focuses on what's going on the ground, but who is in charge of the mission? Commander in Chief President Obama.  Even though Bob Woodward's book questions Obama's loyalty to the mission of Afghanistan, Ms. Logan does not.  Ask yourself, who is the real journalist? Hint: Not Ms. Logan.
This story was designed to protect President Obama's flank in Afghanistan
The answer is yes.
Story 2) The People Behind the Mosque --  Scott Pelley talks about the Battle of the Ground Zero Mosque. 
As I have said earlier, Pamela Geller is my friend; Scott Pelley took President Obama's side, against my friend.  Here is Pamela Geller's responce.
If the Producers of 60 Minutes were smart, they would hire Pamela Geller to be the interviewer not the interviewee. And they would pay her at least eight figures before the decimal point per year.  But that would require this hypothosis to be proven false. 
Again, the answer is 60 Minutes shills for Democratic partisans. 
Story 3) Super Bowl MVP Brees -- Steve Kroft highlights New Orleans saints QB Brees. 
This story is another way to attack President Bush over Hurricane Katrina (yet silence over Obama's vacations and the BP spill). 
And tonight, 60 Minutes is 3 - 0 for supporting Democrats.
Read more next week. 
My question; If the hypothesis proves true, should the GOP Congress fine CBS news for an in-kind contribution to the Democrats?
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