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Why Fiorina Won last Night's Debate

I was among friends and allies at Galpin Ford to watch the debate between Fiorina and Senator "Ma'am" Boxer.  Now, as a partisan, of course I'm going to say Fiorina won, but watching the video (still unembeddable), you'll understand why. 
First, watch it here

Did you see the whole thing? Good! 

Here are some quotes that I enjoyed:

Fiorina: In the last 20 months alone, our unemployment rate has grown from 10.2% to 12.3%., 8 trillion to 13 trillion, on its way -- trillion, on its way to 20 trillion. Barbara Boxer may say she's fighting hard for Californians, but the truth is, she is fighting hard for another six years in Washington, DC.

Fiorina: . You know, Senator Boxer's last two answers are a perfect illustration of her rhetoric versus reality. Let's take a look at her record supporting men and women in uniform.; She voted against body armor. She voted against support for brain trauma and post traumatic stress syndrome; She voted against extended family leave for their familie --  And the vote she cast so upset Senator Joe Biden, he said, "This is a political vote. Nothing is worse," In that case, his son's life.

Fiorina:   The truth is, the small business bill she supported could have been a great bill, but they threw in there TARP jr., the opportunity for the federal government to take equity positions in community banks. We all know how well that worked out with TARP sr. It didn't work so well.  It didn't get credit flowing so well. As for this, we are playing political footsie with this.

Fiorina: And they have been fighting over who gets the money. And the vast majority of teachers won't be employed until 2012. And some of it may go to reducing the deficit.

 Mr Tim Tam, Oakland: Senator Boxer, you have been staying in the office three terms. Why don't you let other people try?

Fiorina: I think the Senator is right. We both need to run on our records. And I am proud to run on my record at Hewlett Packard. And I think the Senator must run on her record.

Fiorina: And the truth is, hear record is long on talk and very short on achievement. And the reason it is short on achievement is because she is one of the most bitterly partisan members of the US.Senate.  That is why, after 18 long years in the senate, 28 years , she only has four relatively insignificant bills with her name on them.  The truth is, her piece of legislation as the Chairman of Environment and Public Works, she could not shepherd that to a conclusion.  That bill was taken away from her and given to John Kerry because it was believed that he had a better chance of getting bipartisan support. I don't happen to support her cap and trade bill. It has been called the most expensive piece of regulation and legislation in US.History. But nevertheless, I think it's telling that her bitter partisanship prevented her from getting her top priority accomplished in the US Senate.

Fiorina: Her track record is very clear. And while our 88,000 farms here in California, most of them family owned, struggled with water, with a lack of water, Senator Boxer refused to lift a finger. As Chairwoman of Environment and Public Works, she could have put an amendment forward to waive a biological assessment to turn the water back on in our Central Valley. She refused. When a colleague put that amendment forward, she voted against it. When Senator Feinstein stepped forward to put an amendment on the table that would waive that assessment and provide needed water, she pressured her colleague to drop that amendment.

Fiorina: Here is the truth,  Central Valley struggles with record unemployment. They need water, And Senator Barbara Boxer, the Chairwoman of Environment and Public Works, has stood in their way. And she has over and over again refused to give them death tax relief.

(H/t Livedash for the quick transcript)

What did Senator Boxer say? Rhetoric. 

She couldn't (in a general election) say anything nice about Former President Bush and could not even be personable with the audience. 

Fiorina smiled and engaged with the audience at the debate and on TV.  The reason why people win elections is an x factor known as personaility.  If the voters feel you are talking AT them, or a you are a  know-it--all, say goodbye. 

Fiorina made her debate a conversation with the audience. 

I might be a partisan, but I recognize when opponents can win and have that x factor.  Boxer was a humorless scold and Fiorina, a fond Aunt.

Why will Fiorina win? Our activists in LA and across the State are fighting for her.  (Most activists I know are working harder for Fiorina then Whitman, again x factor).

My question: What did you think of the debate?  
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    The mêlée over illegal immigration has just begun and the Tea Party members, Conservatives and independents should be mindful of Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of Californians record. Boxer debated candidate Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, for US Senate seat, confronting each other in the first of their debates this election season. Fiorina took the lead in in the political discussion that was informative, even when both contributors were argumentative. Voters must make the best assessment between the two very dissimilar candidates, from opposed ends of their political philosophy. Both opinionated over how to best construct a jobs program; about their records in the environment, business sector, public, foreign policy, the economy and internal government strife and even abortion. This first upfront in the face debate was barbed, in a performance of competing arguments with the candidates in an all-out attack on each other’s records.

    The questions were balanced from voters, but discord remained as the smear tactics continued losing sight in some cases of the original questioning. In the offset it came to voter’s questions about immigration, which as now surfaced as a red-hot button issue commencing with the federal lawsuit against the state of Arizona. Even the sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa county is being dragged over the tiles for exerting his state authority to apprehend illegal aliens. Unless I missed it on C-SPAN there was no mention of Immigration Chief John Morton with ICE arresting only criminals and releasing thousands of illegal aliens back on the streets, in a De Facto Amnesty. Although Madam Fiorina supports the "Dream Act” it must be noted she does not agree with any AMNESTY. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act would provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented students who came to the United States as minors and finished high school.

    Boxer on the other hand believed in Comprehensive Immigration Reform, known by most prudent Americans as Amnesty. This would commence with a massive expenditure to taxpayers, through forced taxes to pay for Amnesty, with welfare programs not far behind. Like her counterpart Sen. Harry Reid, her stance on stopping illegal immigration is in one word" Un-American" She is obviously for an open border because her record shows that. Voted--YES--on continuing federal funds for declared "Sanctuary Cities". Bill Table S.Amdt.4309 to S.Con.Res ; on Mar 13, 2008. Voted--YES--on comprehensive Immigration reform Bill S.1639 ; on Jun 28, 2007. Voted--NO--on declaring English as the official language of the US Government Bill. S.Amdt.1151 to S.1348 ; on Jun 6, 2007. Voted--YES--on eliminating the "Y" nonimmigrant guest worker visa Bill S.Amdt.1153 on S.1348 ; on May 22, 2007. Voted--YES--on building a fence along the Mexican border. Bill H R 6061 ; on Sep 29, 2006. The 2006 Secure Fence Bill was a fallacy, as it wasn’t built as originally intended and still remains uncompleted. Voted--YES--on establishing a Guest Worker program. Bill S. 2611 ; on May 25, 2006.


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