Friday, September 17, 2010

Fighting the Empire, Part Two: Defeating the Tarkin Doctrine (Conservatives vs. Leftists)

I have two good friends, both are sci-fi geeks and Goths like me. 

With my friend Ron (Go Blue Devils!), we discuss the obscure details of Star Wars; One thing we are talking about (usually on the terrace at RUIN) is the Tarkin Doctrine.  (Start at 2:42)

My friend Doug is a cool guy.  He knows a lot about the music industry, he's also a Goth and he is a Whovian.  Trust me, comparing Doctors and episodes is a cool thing, he even met Louise Jameson (Leela) in real life.  So, I give him a lot of slack.

However, when it comes to politics, he is a perfect example of the Tarkin Doctrine going on today.  I look upon Democrats as opponents; Some election seasons and areas you win against them, and sometimes you don't.  That is a partisan.

Doug looks upon the Right (all versions) as the Enemy.  Sorry but true.  It makes conversations hard.  When I debated with Jason Buckley during one of the earlier iterations of the valley, he argued from the point of view from a partisan.  It would go back and forth, and I still think him a good guy (see his band Ichobad Bardo in the Bay Area!).  With Doug, he never sees where the errors come from, as do most people on the Left who are ideologues.  An ideologue always wants to be right and never understands the other side.  That's why I'm a partisan.

Let me show you how Leftists use the Tarkin Doctrine:

1)  "The people are confused when they vote for the Right,"  Let's take issue of Prop 8 here in California.  I voted against it for Conservative reasons.  It didn't pass because more people voted for it.  Liberals, instead of sending it for another vote and convincing the public, sent it through the courts.  Like Abortion.  I trust the voters and Legislatures more then the judges.  Judges are supposed to define the laws already passed, not create them.  If the voters don't do what you want, convince them.  The Left has a problem with this.  Gay Patriot has the same view

2)  "All Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Partiers are crazy/evil/stupid,"  As anyone who understands Soviet history, calling your opponent crazy is one of the best ways Stalin sent people away.  The same tactic in America is disgusting.  Again, think opponents, not enemies.  For a party and a world view that screams "Tolerance!", by not showing the same open mind before, during and after a campaign (See Democrats need an Emmanuel Goldstein post -- re-read to understand.  Orwell was right about INGSOC, I mean Democrats). Whomever the Democrats hate, my friend Doug joins in and thinks he is original.  As someone who works with, supports, and is friends with many people who are Conservatives, Republicans and tea partiers, can I say those doing the stereotyping need to look in a mirror before they call us names

3) "All Conservative/Republican/Tea Party Women are Nuts or sluts,"  This was the same tactic used by Clinton Administration against their accusers of Sexual harassment, NOW joined in.  (But NOW made sure Senator Packwood (R-OR) was thrown out over the same charges -- the word hypocrisy rings true here). It is the same tactic used against Rep. Michele Bachmann; the same tactic used against Christine O'Donnell, and, of course, ad inifitium, against Former Governor Sarah Palin.  For a party that supports choice, they don't support women who don't support them.

4) "The Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Partiers are racists/misogynists/etc. et. al,". For the Left, especially my friend Doug, this election cycle, read this:

Michael Ramirez
Yeah, you can say that about the Right -- but during earlier iterations of the Valley, I kept on pointing out Leftist Anti-semitism and no one on the Left stood up and said it was wrong.  During the Bush fils years, Leftists were making allies of Ahmadijad, President of a country that remains in the 12th Century.  Again, this is a debate tactic used to shut up debate.  See "Guilt by Association," tactic as well.  And since the Left allied themselves with Ahmadinijad, they are true misogynists and gay haters.  Who would ally themselves with Ahamadinijad?  Code Pink for one. 

5) "No matter the corruption or crimes of a Democrat in office, Conservatives/republicans/tea Partiers are always worse,"  When Speaker Pelosi took over the House, she talked of cleaning the swampLook at how many Democrats are in trouble.  But even if a Democratic member is corrupt or shows personal hypocrisy (Sen. John Edwards, anyone?), I never hear a Liberal say, "That was wrong," Instead, the line of attack is "Well, see #'s 2, 3, 4, 5"   And one more thing, only Democrats can think that 5 - 6% unemployment under the Bush Administration is worse then 10% or more during the Obama Administration.  Is this new math?

I have a saying, "When leftists become Liberals again, then we compromise,"  The hatred spewed at our people 24-7 means we don't back down and we on the Right treat them as they treat us.

For compromise to happen even again, Democrats activists at all levels should read that Right Wing nut, Speaker Tip O'Neill's book, All Politics is LocalHis book and his success was due to the fact he treated Republicans like opponents not enemies. 

And Doug, my friend, all Conservatives/Republicans/tea partiers believe in a "Leave us alone," coalition.  Not all Conservatives are Social Conservatives, and I have yet to meet anyone in my political sphere who wants to shut down my enjoyment of the Goth sceneOnly the Democratically run Los Angeles City Council can do that. 

My question, to the Left this time: When will you give up the Tarkin Doctrine in dealing with Americans who disagree with you? What do you gain by hating them?

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