Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blogrolling is Dying and Blog Explosion is Dead -- The only way to be a good Blogger is be a Good Blogger

As of tonight, I had to clean out the sidebar. 

First I heard from Rich from Three Beers Later that there was a problem with the Valley.  Then, I followed the problem to the Jawa Report.  It was traced back to the Blog Rolling site itself.

Here is what was written at Jawa:

Some malware detection algorithms don't like the way Blogrolling links your site and the sites in your blogroll. If the OTHER site has malware on it, Blogrolling gets caught in the middle and gets flagged. Sometimes YOUR blog may be labelled as suspicious, depending on the algorithm.

Because we're now finally in the process of shutting down Blogrolling we won't be working on a fix for this. If you still have the widget code on your site, you should remove it now.
Best of luck and sorry for the hassle.

So, right now I am re-doing my Blog roll under Blogger itself.  I sent the list to my email it might take me a bit to finish, but I will do it from A to Z (Email me if you want on the Blogger list).

Also on the sidebar will be a list of California candidates (and a link to give donations), the top of the ticket to the State Assembly and Senate, and of course the federal races.  All Congressional and below are located within Los Angeles or San Diego. Volunteer or donate.  This election counts.

Now, Blogexplosion. 

Because of BlogExplosion, I met Jason Buckley, Aurora (no link) and Octobia.  For about 6 months, I was unable to "surf" the blogs.  No one seemed to answer my calls for "help," so it goes the way of the dodo bird. 

It will be mourned. 

For your quick enjoyment, here are ways to be a great Blogger (Don't worry, the Doctor Who post is coming up later):

1) Write what you are passionate about, the audience will follow.   If you like robots, the technological singularity, fashion or Hollywood, write about it.  '

2)   Network with other Bloggers.  This is very important.  If you want to be linked, link to others.  If you want to be friends with Bloggers, email them.  Find local bloggers to eat and drink with and compare notes.  get to know national Bloggers and be sure to support them when they are in your town.

3)  Be interesting.  If 20 people are writing about the subject of the day, find something to make your Blog stand out.  Find your voice as a writer and it will flow.

4) Tell a Story.  When you write, have a beginning, middle and end.  To help with your storytelling, read an early edition of Strunk and White's Elements of Style. 

5) Read Robert Mc Cain's rules of Blogging.  Follow the link.

6)  If you know full time Bloggers, hit their Tip jar. 

7)  Videos or pictures also help tell the storyYouTube is your friend.  So is your digital camara.  Here's a video to close out;

See you in the Blogosphere!

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  1. Anonymous11:43 AM PDT

    Hey Valley! Thanks for the call-out. Some of us are heading over to ExposeYourBlog -- many of the same folks who used to frequent Blog Explosion. Hope to see you there (even though we disagree about just about everything☺).

    Take Care,


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