Monday, April 05, 2010

Memo to the RNC: How to do Business

Dear Chairman Steele,

Given the news that you sent a fundraiser out to LA and he blanked up miserably, and you are having problems keeping your staff, let me help you folks on First Street get your "mojo" back (as Austin Powers would say).

I plan on working for the CAGOP, they run a good shop. I will compliment the Chairman and Mr. Schumsky on a moments notice. Learn from the locals here. Read on:

1) If you travel around the country for the RNC (or NRCC and NRSC), fly coach. Meet the people around you and learn the issues of the day. People liked to be listened to, especially from a representative of One of the two major political parties.

1A) If you are traveling within the Northeast and South from DC, take the bus or drive your own vehicle.

2) When you send someone into an area (say Los Angeles), it is incumbent of the RNC staffer to meet with a representative from the County party. The locals know better then anybody where the parties are (and where the bodies are buried). NEVER, EVER GO TO LOS ANGELES WITHOUT HAVING A CONTACT HERE OTHERWISE YOU WILL BESMIRCH THE NAME OF THE RNC!

3) Don't hire people who have grown up within the Party to be your communicators -- hire converts. They can argue the case against the Democrats better then anyone else (I speak as a convert from Summer 92).

4) Be accessible to the activists from around the country. I tried to do a Blog post and received no help from the RNC in trying to build a case against the Congressional Democrats; To quote Lex Luthor: Wrong!

5) As Chairman, it is your job to fight for the Republicans and Conservatives. Your second job is to raise funds and get more candidates. Convince the Bloggers and activists that you have our back, we will have yours. DON'T GIVE THE LEFT WEAPONS AGAINST US!!!!

6) The RNC must have a relationship with the Conservative Bloggers around the country. Take our advice (those who are respected, the 3x3 rule in effect) and have your staff call us when a good post hits the ether. Or let us know (individually) which piece we should take off the board.

7) Email me if you have any questions!


To my readers: Any rules that should be added?

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