Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not an Enemy: Goldman Sachs and Arizona

We Americans are good for standing up for each other in time of war (well not really, see Democrats, Iraq), and in peace (again, not really, see Democrats, Election 2000 Overtime) and President Obama unites American too -- OK, I have to stop before I die of laughter. I am ROLFLMAO on that last sentence.

President Obama's earlier job as Community organizer meant he had to fight "The Powers That be," As President, he is the MAN. So are the Democratic Majorities in Congress.

Whenever President Obama chooses an Emmanuel Goldstein (Why do Democrats always do that?), I am always wary. Here is why you shouldn't hate Goldman Sachs and Arizona's new law:

First Goldman Sachs. Has America left the recession behind and is Unemployment below 5% yet? No, so then why are Democrats attacking a major stock trader, investor in domestic companies, and an employer?

The markets dropped today because of the attacks by the Democrats. The Democrats, using the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC], is trying to bankrupt a company based in downtown New York City. The same Downtown that is missing a large piece of real estate and financial support.

If Goldman Sachs falls, and it will, the Democrats should lose every Wall Street banker and broker in the New York Tri-state area for a generation. And if any of Wall Streeters want to help out the GOP, contact me and I will introduce you to some Los Angeles candidates worth your monies.

However, the Democrats are not businessmen or women, rather then using these hearings to see how to REFORM Goldman Sachs, they use them as scapegoats. No good will come of this. How many ancillary business' are reliant upon Goldman Sachs support? Hello American "Lost Decade," thanks to Obama!

Now Arizona.

If you live in the Southwest United States, illegal immigration is THE issue. How many people cannot find basic work in Los Angeles because you need to be fluent in two languages all over town? Yes, the idea of American English as ligua franca for transactions should not be that difficult to ask for. But in the American Southwest, it is an issue.

Let me be upfront and say, any immigrant, legal (yay!) or illegal, who abides by the law should not have a problem becoming a citizen (Controversial, I know, I am an iconoclast, sorry). However, break any basic rules of the road, such as drug smuggling, rape, murder, etc. their citizenship should be checked and they should leave, never to come back. Period.

Why do the Democrats protect lawbreakers of actual American taxpayers? Arizona is not East Germany. The law simply states, if a someone is caught in a criminal act, then they should be checked for being a citizen. Fair trade. Keep your nose clean and no problems. Again, why are the Democrats opposing the Arizona police?

My question are simple: What will the Republicans gain if the Democrats continue these attacks?

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