Saturday, October 27, 2012

1956 -- The Last Time the New York Times Endorsed a Republican.

Today, like clockwork, the New York Times endorsed another Democrat for the Presidency.

The last Republican ever endorsed by the NYT occurred in 1956 (and 1952):

The Last Time the NYT was Bi-partisan in its Outlook

And I quote:

What the NYT does not understand is no Republican in Congress trusts President Obama since he cannot even understand (like the NYT) the differing branches of the GOP and what each Congressional Republican individual goal.  Budgeting requires trade; what is Obama offering?

In my lifetime, their have been Four Moderates at the top of the ticket.**  If the NYT cannot recognize who the moderates are within the GOP, then they have no reason to be bothering Our Candidates and Elected Officials. 

If there is a President Romney, it is time to dis-invite the NYT from any Press Room till they figure out that America is a Two Party system.  And if there is a Republican Congress (House and Senate), it is time to ask if there is collusion between the NYT and the DNC.

My question: Have you avoided anything since 1956?

** The Four Moderate POTUS candidates:

1976: President Ford
1988: President Bush (pere) [Thanks DEK!]
2008: Senator McCain
2012: Governor Romney 

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  1. Don't you mean Bush père?

  2. I'm actually kind of surprised they endorsed Eisenhower (good President BTW, last good one until Reagan). I would have thought Stevenson just their type.


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