Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Live Blogging the 2012 First Presidential Debate!

This is where the rubber meets the road folks.

Both men, both philosophies will be given a shot to convince the American audience.

Let the games begin!

I will also be commenting on my Twitter feed as we go, so get ready! (links later)

6:03PM PST: Jim Leherer lays out the rules and the candidates appear.

Q1: What is the difference between each men about jobs?

President Obama [O]: Giving pap speech. Horrible 4 years ago (OF COURSE! Every 4years the economy always goes down!)

Governor Romney [R]:  Anecdotes about current employment situ; How to fix 1) Energy independence 2) Free Trade 3)????????   4) Back small business'

R: Trickle down Government

O: Wants to increase Government without thinking of a way of getting tax revenue.

R: Energy and Free Trade as a way of increasing revenue.

O: Back to Taxes -- cut taxes to Middle Class families. R cannot close loopholes or deductions (and O did?).  Completely ignored sequester!

R: Bring down tax rates to get revenue.  Small business pays Tax Revenue.  This is about jobs.

O: Back to tax rates of Clinton without Government size of Clinton.  97% of small business will not see taxes grow.  Zing to Trump. Stereotype GOP Cuts.

JL: Overtime on Tax/job issue -- but keep going to make it interesting.

R: O Taxes go to 40% -- it costs jobs. Follow Bowles -Simpson.

O: Blaming 4 years ago.....Nooooo! You were hired to fix it.

R: Repeating plan so that O and Media do not misinform the public.

6:25 PM:

JL: Federal Deficit -- how to fix?

R: Critical and moral issue. $1T a year is not moral. More people work, more revenue; More taxes = slower Economy. Going all Dave on the Economy (Remember the movie!) R willing to take heat on cuts.

O: Blaming Bush...still.

R: Why am I not going to raise taxes? Economy is slow, just like 4 years ago.

O: Wants to balance budget...He had 4 years to do that! Now attacking Oil industry (after spending years attacking coal).  Attacks big business but is having trouble raising funds from same.  Look at your rhetoric O! And now attacking Governors!

JL: Entitlements and Social Security

O: talks about 80s fix, not Bush fix.  When I interned in Dan Miller's office, Social security was still struggling.  Romney smiling -- he knows.

R: No changes under either Admin -- Medicare being cut from programs by O.  $1 for every $15 cut.  Obama looking snarky.

O: Medicare to Voucher program, lack of choice by another D.  Medicare is being cut now, still attacking Insurance companies.

R: No change for retirees. Allow younger to choose current or private plan (My Dad like these!)

O: Money has to com from somewhere.  At voucher system, insurance companies will take funds.

JL: Economy -- Federal Regulations (YES!)

R: Free market needs Regulations. (YES!)  Regulation can become excessive and out of date.  Excessive Reg hurts economy.Need to turn over some of Dodd-Frank.

O: The economic crisis was reckless behavior across the board. We need Dodd-Frank.

R: Its been two years, banks failing and mortgage unsure of regulations.

JL: Obamacare

R: repeal Obamacare, it is not affordable for people.Craft plans at State level.

O:  Obamacare works! Attacks insurance companies again.

R: Shows why Americans vote for Governors over Senators.  Executive experience working with smaller Congresses.

O: relying on experts when dealing with individuals? (Does it work? Think Vietnam and "best and the brightest"  This is about Death Panels.

R: Pre-existing covered.  Already covered in marketplace. Key task is to get price down.An appointed board is not effective.  Free people and free enterprise = better.

O: Romney is wrong. Romneycare works. Death panels OK.

R: How to be bi-partisan.  Principles and working with Congress Negotiate.

JL: Role of Government

O:  Talking about Transcontinental Railroad.

R: Role of Government is to promote Life, Liberty. Promote American Military. Tolerance and freedom. Pursue happiness.    America helps those who fall. Individuals can pursue their dreams (Ruin Hollywood open till 5 AM!)

JL: Role of Government

R: Parent + Child should have choices.

O: Budgets matter (Pass one lately?). Cuts in support in Education by Ryan in budget.  (No budget passed the Congress). Demagogue Romney and Republicans.

 R: Government should not pick winners or losers. How do we make Private sector and schools effective?

JL: How to end partisan gridlock?

R: Elected to MA, so I had to get along across the aisle.  Sit down day after elected and meet/discuss and collaborate.

O: Praised current Congress and support having "fights," And attacking Romney.  (Missing the point!)

JL: Closing Statements

O: Pap speech.

R: Look at records.

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