Monday, March 08, 2010

A Win for President Bush's Wilsonianism

Did you hear about the Iraqi Parliamentary Election?

How President Obama, Vice President Biden or any Democrat wants to take any credit for Iraq is galling to say the least. Don't they remember the protests against the last Administration?

The Democrats used to believe in Wilsonianianism, under President Bush's father and the Clinton Administration. But when President Bush posited the theory of a Democracy in the Middle East to defeat terrorism, the left turned their back.

Some lefty Bloggers will never accept Wilsonianism.

I say three cheers for the Iraqis! Democracy is a good thing to spread in this world.

President Bush was right.

(That's why I say donate to Freedom House every Passover)

My question: In the next Republican Administration (since Democrats do not believe in Democracy overseas), which country should Democracy spread to and why?

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