Monday, March 15, 2010

"Smart Diplomacy" is not Winning any Friends in the Mid-east

During my lifetime, Democratic Administrations (Carter, Clinton and Obama) seem to focus on domestic issues better then international ones.

However, every Democrat who is in the White House believes, on sheer will alone, that they alone can change the dynamics between Israel and the Palestinians. Hint: Not one of the Presidents mentioned made life any more "peaceful," for the Israelis.

And now we have Vice President Biden trying to stop the Israeli's from building more homes in the West Bank. Ha! That was followed by statements by Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama himself.

Fort all the talk between 2002 - 2008 on how talking will help with America's enemies, why is being instrigint to an ally (and this isn't the first ally President Obama has done this too -- Look at the UK) part of the Obama Administrations modus operandi?

Yes, the G-dfather movies had a great quote: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. But do we really want a foreign policy based on a movie?

To top it off, Andrew Sullivan has been writing multiple posts trying to de-legitamize Israels existence with maps. Someone please email Sullivan and tell him that before Israels' existence was a small thing in Europe called the Holocaust where many of my tribe died needlessly.

And again, Conor Friedersdorf is silent on his mentor's anti-semitism.

"Smart Diplomacy," is costing America allies -- will no one tell President Obama "No, you cannot insult our allies,"? Both President Bush's (pere and fils) built coalitions against Iraq, when has Obama built a coalition in his life?

Bibi Netanyahu should stand up to the bullying by this American administration, and Roger Simon wrote a piece asking why American Jews allow Democrats to slide in their support for the original Democracy in the Middle East.

My question: What has "Smart Diplomacy," accomplished?

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