Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Did Jonah Lowenfeld of the JJLA allow Rep. Berman Pull His Strings at the Temple Judea Debate?

This and many other questions will be answered tomorrow when I post tonight's transcript.  

(and I will interview Susan Shelley who deserved to be at the debate -- if Lowenfeld could think for himself)

2/22/12 9:09PM UPDATE: Had to do some work on the Laptop today.  It took up most of the day.  Three posts upcoming.  The 30th CD Debate post will be the first immediate Post.

While you wait, here is a question:

Why is the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles more comfortable with the Anti-semites of KPFK then with supporting (the many) Jewish Republicans like Susan Shelley? 

Answer: It was seen in the debate, Lowenfeld is on a pawn of LA Democrats, thus "No enemies to the Left,"

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