Monday, February 13, 2012

Senator Santorum's Triple Play and Mitt's Maine Muck

Now that "Political week," is over -- let's wind the clocks back and see who won what and how? 

Last Thursday, I was at RPLAC when the numbers were coming in from Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota.

Here are the maps:

Colorado Caucus  2012

Orange = Romney/ Purple = Gingrich/ Green = Santorum
Santorum 26,614 40.31%
Romney 23,012 34.85%
Gingrich 8,445 12.79%
Paul 7,759 11.75%
Others 71 0.11%

Minnesota Caucus 2012

Green = Santorum/ Yellow = Paul
Santorum           44.9%           21,932
Paul           27.1%           13,228
Romney           16.9%             8,222
Gingrich           10.8%             5,272

Missouri (non-binding) Primary 2012

Green = Santorum

Rick Santorum 138,957 55.17%
Mitt Romney 63,826 25.34%
Ron Paul 30,641 12.17

And finally, on Saturday when I was hanging among the Goths (Political and non), came the Maine Caucus.

Maine Caucus 2012

Orange = Romney/Gold = Paul/ Green = Santorum**
**Washington County unable to hold caucus due to weather. (Grey) It will be held Feb. 18
Mitt Romney
  2,190   39.2%
Ron Paul
           1,996    35.7%
Rick Santorum
     989   17.7%
Newt Gingrich  
    349    6.2%

Those are the data points, what does it all mean?

What It All Means

Before Senator Santorum's triple play, there was news on the wire about the Romney - Paul coalition to defeat Gingrich (not knowing Santorum would come from behind).

Then the coalition got to Maine.  Maine GOP Chair Charles Webster declared Maine for Romney. Like the Red Sox and New England Patriots, Maine always backs New England players first.  Just like the rest of New England (I say that as a New York Yankee fan).

A lot of Paul voters are crying "Foul," while waiting for a snowed in Washington County. If the coalition breaks in Maine (as it should), Gingrich or Santorum can overtake Romney.  

Out of the three States that Santorum won, Gingrich did not participate in MO. But MO still has caucuses upcoming, so it is still up for grabs. 

Santorum won because no one trusts Romney and because the Romney-Paul coalition stinks at the local levels.  No one knows what Romney stands for and the CRP and RPLAC have already had problems with the Paul supporters. Past is precedence.  

I will post delegate totals after Super Tuesday. 

To be continued.....

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