Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Does the City of Bell and Miramonte Elementary School Have in Common?

Two places in Los Angeles beset by a nasty scandal (Miramonte's is far, far worse); Two separate cities whose potential is being lost daily.

To re-cap, the all Democratic City Council of Bell levied high taxes on their constituents while the monies would end up in the pocket of the same Council and city staff (reminder: all Democrats).

In Miramonte, three (or more) teachers abused the children using BDSM equipment. This went on for twenty years.  This disgusts me on so many levels, I cannot even begin to say.  Thank G-d someone spoke up and its being covered.

Interestingly enough, look at this map.  Bell and Miramonte Elementary are near each other (but that is not the similarity):

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The South Los Angeles neighborhoods (the current 50th Assembly District -- West Hollywood to South Malibu is in the new 50th), which includes Bell and Huntington Park, is majority Hispanic.  That bothers me little to none.  G-d bless them and their families.

The trouble here in Los Angeles is that because these neighborhoods are completely Hispanic, they get taken advantage of by folks who speak two languages. Not Spanish and English, but Spanish and Democrat. 

As I keep working with RPLAC and others within the basin, these two stories are the aftereffects of the Labor Union - Hispanic Leader coalition; LAUSD got the brunt of it and the Bell constituents too.

If  California and Los Angeles made a law saying that all Government work is to be done in English, the many families who come to the City of Angels would not be hurt by those who (in their own communities, in their own language) can take advantage of them. They would have to integrate into the American Polity and community, and their neighborhoods would have less crime.

The core of Republicanism (and Conservatism) is, with the correct tools (i.e. English speakers), corruption like in Bell and Miramonte Elementary would be kept to a minimum. It is about the triumph of the individual against the State - not a slave to it.

Oh, let me remind you that from the LA City Council, to the State Assembly and Senate to the US House of Representatives these two scandal plagued neighborhoods are represented by Democrats.

At RPLAC we are beginning to look for cracks in the Hispanic - Labor Union coalition, I say look what happened in these two cities -- haven't the Democrats done enough damage?

My question: Why do Democrats oppose English Only for Government documents? 

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