Friday, February 17, 2012

Why is the Los Angeles Jewish Journal Scared of Susan Shelley but not KPFK?

I'm a Jew.  A secular Jew (who loves being a Goth and working  Politics and Policy in LA and DC), but a Jew nonetheless.

For my Bar Mitzvah, I was at the Western Wall -- the most Holiest place for Judaism.

Since I've been a Republican (switched in 1992), I've seen how the Left treats Jews and Israel.  Heck, KPFK is filled with Obama supporters and they are comfortable attacking Israel, AIPAC and Netanyahu.

Now, last weekend Susan Shelley, who is running for Congress against the -ermans (Berman/Sherman) came by to the First Right in the Dark Meeting [Goths and GOP folk].  She spoke of social moderation and fiscal responsibility of the Government.  She is short but she scares the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

Why is that?

Heck, is it because the backers of the Jewish Journal [JJLA] support Rep. Berman, thus Democrats first, then Jewish candidates?

The most important behind the scene person in Los Angeles Republican Power Politics is my mentor, Gary Aminoff.  last I checked, he was more Jewish then me.  And Jews are active throughout RPLAC.  from the beaches to the Valleys.

Susan Shelley, who has received many endorsements for 2012 (Mark Reed, G-d bless him, was a good candidate in 2010.  But until he gets supported by Susan Abato, should let Shelley run this cycle. The Valley will support Mark Reed for any other position this cycle), yet the JJLA refuses to recognize her.

However, JJLA is more comfortable with KPFK then with Susan Shelley.

(the last time JJLA stopped Anti-Semitism on KPFK was in 2007! Good job JJLA! KPFK hasn't stopped though.)

Does JJLA have a "No enemies to the Left," in their writing?  It appears so if they are forgiving of KPFK's Radio Intifada and others (Radio Uprising and Ian Masters) but have no room for Susan Shelley to be involved in this weekend's debate.

My question, why does JJLA look askance at KPFK's Anti-Semites but never praises Jewish Republicans in Los Angeles? And Why is JJLA afraid of Susan Shelley being involved in the Congressional debates?

My answer: JJLA sees no evil in the American Left, no matter how many Jews support the GOP.

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