Sunday, April 05, 2009

Discuss the Journal of the Plague Year

Comments are back on. Read it and tell me your opinion.

I won't really jump in unless you have questions.

Here is the whole:



1. Who I was

2. Where I worked

3. God's Experiment

4. What happened During

5. Lessons Learned

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  1. Nathan Zimmermann9:17 AM PDT

    My friend your posts have for me illuminated the reason why you are an impressive figure. You possess a strength of will and detrmination that will serve the public well. It is an honor and a privelige to know you.

    It is my hope that you will find a position in DC when you arrive there.

    I am going to be in DC from April 17th to the 21st. If there is any you should need from DC before your move. I will do what I can to help.

  2. First of all, when the books are finished I know an editor I can refer you to...she'll be working with me on my book once I have enough spare money laying around. I think you'll really like her.

    Having gotten that out of the way. This series of posts is more evidence that you should see yourself more the way I see you than the way in which you have been seeing yourself.

    It's interesting how you talk about your father's death, I remember that time period and I remember raising some concerns then and being told I was overreacting. It is interesting in hindsight to see how profoundly that impacted you. As, I had assumed that I really was overreacting. Reading your words here, clearly I had reason to raise an alarm at that time. I was just speaking about your father on Saturday actually.

    My friend, you have always been an amazing man and there are things I would like to say here that I'm not going to say in such a public forum. Maybe someday I will get to say them to you, or I might email them to you later on today.

    It is sufficient to say that you are my best friend and I have always appreciated the fact that my life is enriched by your presence. I am glad to see you found the inner strength that I always knew you had and that you were able to do these posts. I am extremely proud of you.

    Will you be posting excerpts of your books or will you be holding all of us in suspense?

  3. I almost didn't want to comment since this is some very heavy personal stuff and it's no fun being the liberal guy always beating his head into the wall in disagreement. So let me start with an agreement that you were not treated well by your employers and it took a great deal of personal strength and probably a little bit of luck to survive such a series of really bad turns that were beyond your control. And while I disagree with you on many things, I can't help but admire the tenacity in which you stick to your principles.

    But I've got to take issue with the lessons you took away from all of this. I find the idea of politicizing it is a cheap shot. You're really going to use this experience to make a broad statement about liberals? I kind of figured you would, but I really hoped you wouldn't. Your former employers are not representatives of the entire left. They're representatives of narcissistic assholes, and those come in every stripe.

    To put it in perspective, copy this whole story into Word, then do a find and replace. For each instance of "liberal" or "democrat," change it to "Jew" and try reading it from an outside perspective. Is that a fair assessment of an entire group of people based on some limited experiences? Yet, that's the same kind of logic so many racists use to justify their hate. You're a better and smarter person than that.

  4. Southland Tales is now available on my on demand movies, do you think I should watch it?


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