Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Yes, this a clip post but, let's start with a great YouTube, George Carlin:

And finally, my arguments from last year. My view has not changed. If Global warming is real, people would be selling their Houses in Malibu and the Upper East and West Side of Manhattan for pennies -- but it's not happening. If the people who promote "Global warming," do not act on it, why should we?

Here we go:

Jason wrote a post asking, "Why is the Right opposed to Global warming/Climate Change/whatever they call it tomorrow?"

Here are a few reasons why:

1) The same people who yell "Climate Change/Global warming" also yelled (during my lifetime), "Overpopulation!" (which begat China's One Child Policy), yelled "Global Cooling!" (now defunct due to Global warming), "Recycle!" (now made moot by the idea of Plastic or paper bags) and "Acid rain!" (Last time I saw Acid rain was in a William Gibson short story, and that was the first time as well). If your going to say "The Sky is falling!" every decade, choose an Apocalyptic scenario and stick with it. When the Apocalypse does not happen (as it did with all of the above), it makes it hard to believe in it the next time.

2) Liberals who want us to believe in their cause, don't make the effort to support Conservative Causes. The oldest law on the Political books -- I help you, you help me. I bet if the Democrats had stayed their tongue on Iraq, Conservatives would have joined the Global warming cause. No support for our Windmills, why should we fight for yours?

3) Forgetting the history of Galileo. During Galileo's time, the establishment (i.e. the Church) believed in Copernican theory and called everyone who didn't follow the Theory was called "Heretic" or burned at the Stake. Look at this Blog Post by Dr. Heidi Cullen of the Weather Channel. The New establishment (i.e. Hollywood, the Media, Academia) act as though Copernicus' views are still relevant.Mankind has only been Industrially active for 200 years. Did the dinosaurs go extinct because they built factories? Those debating the issue of Global warming are playing the role of Galileo, not the Global warming supporters.

4) We are between Ice Ages. The Earth has frozen more then it has melted. And to believe that Global warming will destroy humanity means that you don't believe in Evolution. Man has adapted to Cold and Heat. If you believe in Global warming, do you believe that Man cannot evolve?

And remember, Happy Earth day! (created by a murderer who ran to France).

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  1. I haven't changed my opinion either. I support global warming, it makes people friendlier. I saw an article in Forbes Magazine a few years back about why global warming is a good thing.


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