Sunday, April 05, 2009

Why "The Journal of the Plague Year"?

If you noticed, I shut down the comments for the next series of posts.

These are personal, with a Political Lesson at the end. I need to write this for people to understand what happened over from last Summer until March 15, 2009. Those months changed me as a person.

First, some paperwork:

Norm, pass these posts along to the person they are written to and to DL. Tell the person they are written to one thing: Click Links for Further Understanding.

After you pass it along, I will re-link to your Blog.

These are addressed to Grant Nemirow. It is my hope he reads and understands these posts.

Now why "The Journal of the plague Year? It best describes what happened to me. Daniel Defoe wrote a fictionalized account of the Great Plague of London. This is a true account what happened to me.

I am able to write about it because I am stronger and I understand my disease. Why am I showing it? Read on....

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