Sunday, April 05, 2009

Journal of the Plague Year: Prologue


To understand something of the framework, I want to write a couple of Anecdotes, more to be revealed as you read further.

Anecdote 1) In the mid-Nineties, I worked as a volunteer at the Republican House-Senate Dinners. Dressed up in my semi-Tuxedo (I owned a cummerbund and a Black Tie, the rest was a Black Suit), I strode the floor during the appetizer and main course in the Old Washington Convention Center.

By Dessert, I was invited to sit down by a Lady who had a seat open. Her seat was in the front, sitting with a Senator. In the time I sat there I was asked about my goals, and explained a bit about my background. To sit at the table I was at cost $500,000, so I was humbled to be the center of attention.

When I got to the end of my spiel, the Lady (whose name is lost in time) told me "Watch how you treat people. The person at the lowest point one day may be a leader of men the next," The Senator agreed with her and told me to remember those words.

His name? Senator Strom Thurmond. I couldn't find work in his office because my accent was different then his constituents, but I also learned that night Geography is Everything in politics.

Anecdote 2) One of my friends out here worked at a Corporate Real Estate Office. Her boss and her rarely saw eye to eye, but one Christmas, he gave her a subscription to Net Flix. the next year, the market bottomed out. She was let go, given Unemployment. And after she was gone, he renewed her Net Flix.

She wants to be an actress and her boss was a Republican. By giving her the Net Flix, he was helping her get to her goals.

So much for Stereotypes.

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