Sunday, April 05, 2009

Journal of the Plague year: 5, Lessons Learned


What did I learn from this plague year?

1) For every Democratic supporter, activist, or elected official who talks of supporting "The Little Guy," they don't follow their own Rhetoric. It was the GOP people who actually care about people. Or simply this: Democrats do not believe their own Rhetoric. I was God's Experiment, and the Liberals performed an Epic fail (as we say here on the Blogosphere).

2) It was speaking to a Southern woman and a supposed "racist" Senator who told me treat all people nice. My ex-girlfriend, Toni, an African-American, heard what Your Avatar did and was embarrassed that she allowed Senator Thurmond to be the "Good guy" in this scenario. The lesson here: Don't listen to the Stereotypes. You lose the chance for expanding your mind if you do.

3) I learned about my disease and how to control it. I learned how to get in touch with my emotions. I learned that even with my disease, I am still determined to work in a Republican White House Chief of Staff's office and become successful. I will write a book after I get there and allow others who have what I have, believe in themselves too. Lesson: Knowing how to control the disease means, I will move upward.

4) I learned that with Democrats not believing their own rhetoric, and for the past 8 years, allowing loose talk about President Bush, I became angry. I used to be the guy in the room, saying, we need not attack that far. After the Plague Year, I am a Conservative who thinks the Democrats should pay for their attacks on Bush, Palin, et. al. Lesson learned: Don't give precedent that you don't want people from the other side to use.

Did you learn anything? I hope you keep your employees safe from the Economy and Your Avatar. Ask some folks who were fired from the Third Floor how they were treated by her. One day, I would like to learn your side of the story.

For now, I am planning on moving back to Washington, DC and take what I learned during the Plague Year to help the public in general. You guess the Lesson.

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