Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do Democrats need an Emmanuel Goldstein and a Two Minute Hate?

First, let's watch a classic from the year, 1984, the beginning of the movie 1984:

For the past month (actually since I returned to Blogging), I have noted that Democrats always need someone to Hate. They act like members from INGSOC if you mention anyone from the List (especially President George W. Bush). Once more, the List:

William F. Buckley;
Vice President Nixon;
Senator Barry Goldwater (remember this ad?);
President Nixon;
Vice President Agnew;
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger;
President Ford;
President Ronald Reagan;
Judge Bork (which became a term in Political Washington -- Borking);
AG Ed Meese;
President George H.W. Bush;
Vice President Quayle;
Lee Atwater;
Justice Thomas;
Speaker Gingrich;
House Leader Delay;
Senate Leader Dodd;
President George W. Bush;
Vice President Cheney;
Secretary of State Rice;
Karl Rove;
AG Ashcroft;
AG Gonzalez;
Rush Limbaugh;
Ann Coulter;
Senator McCain (in 2008, not 2001- 2007 when he was opposing President Bush);
Gov. Sarah Palin;
and House Whip Eric Cantor.

So, I hope you ask, what am I proving? For 8 years, Democrats felt fine wishing for assassination, military coups, etc. on President George W. Bush. How they got there is what intrigues me.

This theory, if proven, means that Ann Coulter is correct, if disproved, she is wrong. In her book Slander, she writes how Democrats always use the "Republicans/Conservatives are stupid or evil," argument. Have Democrats ever accepted Conservatives or Republicans on the field of ideas? No. If they did, she would be out of work.

All this huffing and puffing about the "Torture memos," are written by people who took part of the daily Two Minute Hate against President Bush. I do not believe the Democrats on this issue because they need to Hate. And, funny enough, it is always excused. Why?

I think that Democrats and Republicans are opponents, not enemies. That means, I see Democrats and republicans as Football teams, not infidels. The saying goes: Republicans think that Democrats are wrong, Democrats know Republicans are evil. Don't believe me? Look at what Jeananne Garafalo and Keith Olbermann discussed last month:

In Orwell's 1984, Emmanuel Goldstein was the object of the Two Minute Hate. What I would like to find out are three things:

1) If you Hate our Principles [i.e. Elected officials on the List], how do you expect us to treat Democratic Party Principles nice?
2) If you are a Democrat, have you ever defended anyone on the List while they were in office?
3) Why do Democrats need other Americans to Hate? I would love to have an answer here. Don't thread the needle, tell me why.

Until the next Two Minute Hate, Comrade, we wait for the News from MiniTrue [i.e. Anderson Cooper and Keith Olbermann]!

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  1. At least you have the Democrats to hate. :D

    I think the Republican/Democrat paradigm is an interesting way to divide and conquer a society by utilising a false dichotomy.

    Here's to seeing through the veil.

  2. Both sides see the other as infidels and barbarians. They have since, the foundation of the Republic. There is nothing novel about it. All one has to do is to review the materials produced by the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans in run up to the Election of 1800. This has changed little in 209 years. It is a necessary evil of government.

    The problems modern officials are confronting are the same as those confronted by the nations leaders prior to every major conflict faced by the nation.

    The party in the majority is so concerned about maintaining its control over the institutions of government that the minority is rendered impotent and becomes in large part disenfranchised from government.

    This ritual of disenfranchisement although, endemic to the politics of the Republic also makes the United States more vulnerable to internal strife and conflict.

    There are three examples I would point to as supporting this idea.

    1.The Alien and Sedition Acts were utilized to disenfranchise the Democratic Republicans prior to the election of 1800 and after the election of 1800 the Democratic-Republicans attempted render the Federalists impotent by attempting to impeach Samuel Chase.

    2. The Hartford Convention of 1814-1815.

    These movements came about at least in part due to uncompromising majorities. If the current majority in Congress fails to take the views of minority under advisement then the prospects for discontent.


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