Monday, April 13, 2009

Kudos to the US Navy!

During the past week, there has been a story of a hostage crisis off the Gulf of Aden, near Somalia and the Persian Gulf. The Navy rescued the captain of a ship.

There is a correlation between President Obama's foreign policy and this hostage crisis but I will tackle it after the 100 days are over (so keep reading the Valley).

For now, many congratulations of the Navy are in order.

But remember the mantra of the last 8 years: I support the troops but not their Commander.

Kudos to all the men and women who are in our Naval forces.

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  1. Ho boy, here we go with the same old two wrongs making a right thing! If you condone your side doing it than you tacitly approve of the other side doing it. But if this is just tit for tat, than you're being an unprincipled hypocrite. So, is supporting the troops but not the commander something that you approve of across the board or not?

  2. Jason,

    I did not come to this post with the idea ofone side or another blah blah.

    I googled foreign events that occured during the Bush Administration and all I looked for was the Left to give President Bush the benfit of the doubt between 2001 and 2008.

    Did it happen?


    Will you find an excuse for it?


    Don't like when it happens, I have a very simple answer:

    Don't do it. A President is a President -- some people vote for him (or eventually her); Some people voted for Bush twice and a lot of folks on your side says that gives them less reason to listen to us.

    So, you had 8 years to show how to oppose. I learned you never give the benefit of the doubt to a president you didn't vote for.


  3. My 3 year old gives better excuses for her bad behavior. I fear for the day when she figures out the old 'well that kid did it first' bit.

  4. Jason,

    Simple question:

    Do you think it is OK to attack a Republican President with every means at your disposal (Assasination porn, Politicking the waters edge, attacking their family, etc. et. al.)and then ask Republicans not to return fire?


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