Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This way lies Romulus Augustulus; That way lies the Republic -- What will Democrats choose?

On the eve of Tax Day (and the protests by the Tea Partiers, of which I will be one), Department of Homeland Security released a paranoiac report about one half the political population. To go along with squelching dissent, Andrew Sullivan has been hyping "the war against President Obama,"; In his world, Conservatives and Republicans should not oppose President Obama. Period.

That was the appetizer of the post. Now let's go onto the entree:

Former President George W. Bush's staff is about to be prosecuted by Judge Garzon, a lawyer from Spain. That means only one thing:


(This is a serious post -- we need as much laughs as we can get.)

Now, on to the main course:

We on the Right have a saying: Republicans think Democrats are wrong, Democrats know Republicans are Evil.

It seems Democrats cannot survive without an American Enemy of the State. Don't believe me? Let me list:

Hoover, Nixon (still kicking the corpse), Reagan, Bush I, Justice Thomas, Gingrich, Delay, Bush II, Rush, and now House Whip Eric Cantor. The Democrats look on all these people as one person: Emmanuel Goldstein. I have yet to be proven wrong here.

N0w the Democrat's goal is to prosecute President Bush and his Administration over the Iraq war and everything the Bush Administration thought was needed to protect America from another attack.

In Ancient Roman History, this was done. Pompey was leading the Senate to expel his rival Caesar from power. Through the Legislative maze (with help from Cato), Caesar was declared Enemy of the State.

To rebut the challenge, he crossed the Rubicon. He brought his troops into Rome. Caesar defeated Pompey with help from Cleopatra. Caesar's senate declared him dictator. A rebellion began and he was killed on the Ides of march. Within a Century, the Republic became an Empire until 476 AD, when young Romulus Augustulus was overthrown by the German Goth King Odoacer.

If the Democrats proceed with either the Truth Commission or the Spanish Inquisition, have they given thought to what the rank and file Conservatives and Republicans will do?

Here is the question I have. Say the Democrats actually succeed with the Truth Commission (and then go straight to prosecution) or sending the Bush Administration to the heart of the Spanish Inquisition, what then? What will the Conservatives and Republicans do?

My suggestion for my Republican and Conservative friends: If the Democrats go forward with either concept, find our friends in the Armed Forces, our second Amendment friends and cross the Potomac to the Capitol and ask for Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid's head. if they are bringing back the Empire with President Bush's neck, then let their blood be part of the show.

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