Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flipping Like Pancakes

Senator Arlen Specter, formally R-PA is now D-PA.

Does this mean that the GOP should pack it in? No, it just means Senator Spector did not want to face a Primary challenge in 2010.

It also means the Democrats have a 60 (possibly 61) vote majority in the Senate. They own any Legislation from this point forward.

Democrats still do not understand the difference between Political expediency and Standing on Principle. Senator Specter was known as a RINO, he left us, we did not leave him. Compare Spector's treatment to how the Left treated Lieberman.

I'm laughing because Democrats have NO EXCUSE from this point forward to pass and get support for their agenda. Governing is harder then it looks kids.

Until then, so long Senator Specter, do not let the door hit you on the way out.

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  1. It's Specter, not Spector. Perhaps if you guys had bothered to learn how to spell his name he would not have left you.

  2. Len,

    Thank you for the spell check. However, I still stand by my statement that Democrats do not know the differecne between Political expediancy and standing on principal.

    Let me know when the Democratic party doesn't follow the Political expediant route.

  3. Senator Specter's departure from the Republican Party does not shock or incense me the way it has many other people.

    In truth I had been expecting such a move since he invoked the Scots Verdict of "not proven" during the vote in the Senate on President Clinton's guilt or innocence ar the conclusion of his impeachment trial before the Senate.

  4. I have been considering the ccontention that Senator Specter was a RINO, I am inclined to disagree with this position.
    While it is true that he began his political career as Democrat so too did several other prominent Senators

    1. Wayne Lyman Morris who was a (R-OR)from 3 January 1945 until 3 January 1953 when he became (I-OR) he remained so until 17 February 1955 when he became (D-OR)which he remained until the end of his Senate service on 3 January 1969.

    2. J. Strom Thurmomd, who was a (D-SC) from 24 December 1954 to 16 September 1964 and became (R-SC) 16September 1964 which remained until his retirement.

    3 Harry Flood Byrd Jr. who was a (D-VA) from 12 November 1965 until 3 January 1971 when he became (I-VA) which he remained untill he retirement on 2 January 1983.

    4. Richard Shelby began his career in the U.S. House a (D-AL) on 3 January 1979 and he remained so untill he switched while, a Senator and became (R-AL) on 9 November 1994

    5. Ben Nighthorse Campbell began his career in the House as a (D-CO) on 3 January 1987 untill he switched parties while a Senator and became (R-CO) on 3 March 1995 and remained so untill his retirement on 3 January 2005

    6. Jim Jeffords began his career as a (R-VT) in the House on 3 January 1975 and remained so until his final term as Senator when he became an (I-VT) 6 June 2001 and remained so untill his retirement on 3 January 2007.

    7. Joseph Lieberman who was a (D-CT) from the start of his service on 3 January 1989 untill he became an (I-VT) in 2006.

    Senator Specter was a member of the Republican Party from 1966 until 2009 a span of 43 years, a considerable length of time for some considered to be a RINO, and this included the whole of his tenure in the Senate up to this point.

    It is seems that in the eyes of partisans on both sides of the aisle that in order to be considered a member of the party that an individual must unswervingly adhere to the platforms and positions articulated by the parties and give unquestioning obeisance
    while, blinding themselves to all else and requiring that the individual divest themsleves of any shred of non-conformity.

    This is a dangerous tendency on the part of both parties.

    I would argue it is harmful to the the Republic. In my experience the partisans first loyalty is to their respective parties, and the good of the nation is secondary to that loyalty.


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