Monday, April 27, 2009

Pigs and Government: The Swine Flu and Appointments (2001 and 2009)

The news is, Swine Flu is spreading. This is what Swine Flu is:

"Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza virus that regularly causes outbreaks of influenza in pigs. Swine flu viruses cause high levels of illness and low death rates in pigs. Swine influenza viruses may circulate among swine throughout the year, but most outbreaks occur during the late fall and winter months similar to outbreaks in humans. The classical swine flu virus (an influenza type A H1N1 virus) was first isolated from a pig in 1930."

Like clockwork, the Left is looking for it's Emmanuel Goldstein again, rather, then, say, actually doing something about the situation.

Every President has a chance to Govern. The first test (after winning elections) is to staff the Government. According to the 2008 Plum Book, there are approximately 1200 Appointments that President Obama needs to fill.

To paraphrase former Mayor Koch (D-NY), how is President Obama doin'?

Again, Appointments is Policy. And since nothing happens in a vacuum, let's compare it to President Bush in 2001 (who had a shortened transition compared to President Obama)

President Obama has a majority Democrat Senate, so must of those 1200 positions should be filled, right? Especially HHS and Surgeon general during this crisis? After all, Democrats say, they are smarter then the GOP, even smarter the President Bush.

Here is the list of cabinet appointees that are filled. What's missing? HHS.

And the Surgeon general? Not even in Committee. Since Dr. Sanjay Gupta declined the position, no one else has been nominated.

Now, maybe I'm just stupid here, but how is this the Republican's fault? President Obama and his majority Democrat Senate should have no problems. Yet, they cannot fill vacancies in the Governemnt. Hmmm....

How did President Bush do in 2001? With 1200 appointments to fill, how did he compare to the so-called "smarter," President Obama?

Within days of Inauguration, President Bush had his full cabinet. And looking here, President Bush's nominations were confirmed quickly. It helped that he had a Senate that was the same party.

Does Obama need a Democratic Senate too?

Last I checked, President Obama parties every Wednesday and is served Waygu steak. So much for Democratic Party governing.

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  1. Just goes to show how important it is that one needs to wash their hands, both when dealing with viri/bacteria infections and also with the government.

  2. I would argue that the lack of rapidity with which the cabinet positions have been filled demonstrates a lack of understand on the part of those advisors closest to President Obama on the nuances of the vetting process.

    I would argue that the Republicans were more skilled and adept at filling the positions because, they possessed more experience than the Democrats in said arena.


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