Thursday, April 23, 2009

Acting Bi-Partisan

I am a partisan; I don't hide it or deny it. In fact, I am moving back to Washington, DC to help in the elections of 2010 and 2012. If the Republicans win, it's good for me. However, I also used to be a Liberal Democrat, that's why I don't hate people on the Left (the way I described in this post, that people on the Left HATE the Right).

And I can do a few tricks, no one on the Left can do. For instance, during Presidential Election seasons, I can cite the reasons why people vote for both, the Republican and Democratic candidates. No Democrat can return the favor. By the way, before the Plague year hit, I endorsed folks from both parties. Again, no Liberal can do that.

I also promote my friends who are Democrats and Liberals.

First, my friend Jason was there during the Plague year. His political Blog, Washington Interns Gone Bad, is good. But now he is focused on his new Blog: Obama Action Comics! It is a mixture of a Blaxploitation movie (Secretary George Clinton) and Kevin Smith (just look at his panels). When I go to Obama Action Comics! I put my partisanship aside and laugh. If anything, it is worth a look.

Second, Client #9 is going to the media for "Rehabilitation," I stand up and say "NO," Client #9 went after my friends who were Democrats. I believe Hevesi and Chatier should be rehabilitated, not Client #9. Why did client #9 go after my friends? They stood in his way, politically.

What Client #9 did to my friends is what Liberals want to do to Republicans.

Here are some posts I wrote about Bi-partisanship (1, 2, and 3) The best way to bring about Bi-partisanship (I'm talking to YOU President Obama) is to follow these steps:

1) Do not criminalize Policy differences. Disagree, but if you send the State after any of our guys, we will defend and ATTACK.. There are trees around the Capitol that we could put a rope on if Pelosi and Reid go after Bush. I do not step back from this, but you on the Left should.

2) Stop with the Emmanuel Goldstein Two Minute Hate routine. You folks on the Left put the Hate on William F. Buckley when he was alive and hosting Firing Line. Attack policies, not personalities. It requires you guys on the Left to grow up, but I'm sure you can.

3) Before you get any support of President Obama's policies from me, show me how you folks on the Left supported President Bush between 2003 - 2007. If not, then sorry, you have no standing.

And to conclude, on 1/20/10 I will do a post about 3 policies that I support of President Obama's. Why? Because no on the Left could ever do the same for any Republican president while they are in office. If someone did, please show me the link.

Finally, my question: What have you done for Bi-partisanship today?

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  1. JSF, thanks for the plug. Action Obama responds to your post here and I sincerely apologize for putting your words in the bubbles of the Right Wing Blogger Guy character. I don't think of you as being a big dummy like that picture, but it's the only one I have to represent the right hand side of the blogiverse. You shouldn't feel badly though since my sweeping generalizations are used in the context of humor.

  2. You're free to speak out against President Obama's policies just as we did for Bush for eight long years, but be prepared to combat that same irrefutable question you guys asked us over and over again. Why do you hate America?

  3. I don't support bipartisanism so I have done nothing to further it today, and I won't do anything for it tomorrow or the day after that.

    I think Bill makes an interesting question here. It used to be on either side you could criticize the policies and now criticism is taken as being anti-patriotic. When did that happen?

  4. I suppose if one were to characterize me it would be akin to the mavericks Wayne Morse who rather than ascribe to a party line set his seat in the central aisle between the two sides or Senator David Davis (I-IL) who was asked by Senator Roscoe Conkling (R-NY) if he Davis recieved reimbursement for his frequent journeys on both sides of the Senate Floor.


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