Sunday, April 05, 2009

Journal of the Plague year: 3, God's Experiment


Back in 1999, I worked for a nonprofit run by Republicans and Conservatives. In 2008, I worked for Hollywood Liberals (of which you are one). The same disease creeped in at both places, who followed their Rhetoric?

Jumping around the Net, anyone can find who has donated to any major candidate. Thanks o the Huffington Post (your home address is on there too, take it up with Arianna), I saw you donated to the Democrats since 1992; Then President and Senator Clinton; and Senator and President Obama. No one can ever call you a Moderate Democrat.

But as I discuss on these posts many a time, I used to be a Liberal Democrat. I knew the rhetoric. When I worked for the Nonprofit, it turns out these Republicans and Conservatives had a large heart to do what they do. As history repeated itself, did Liberals?

I like to say this was G-d's Experiment because to study any policy, you have to test it. I was the same person (in a way) being troubled by the same problem, yet subject to work with people whose Political philosophies were different.

After March (after I was at the Leadership Institute class at Pepperdine), I found a good doctor to help me get on track while I was working for your company. After the election of 2006, I was willing to give what I knew to help your company, DC was able to be on hold for a while. I gave my loyalty, was it returned?

After New Line fell, your company was letting people go left and right. When I was let go by Your Avatar, I thought, we all move on. She did not. She shut down my Unemployment. My disease (in check until the Unemployment was negated) came roaring back with all the negatives one has with Bipolar I. Suicide became an option.

My insurance was cut that day which meant, what I was dealing became that much harder. With Your Avatar becoming your understudy, I understood. I was the Little Guy, and You did not care about the Little guy.

When I interned on Capitol Hill, I met two of my mentors Karv and Todd. Karv was the boss in the Congressman's office I worked for. He was tough and a hard-ass. The thing I don't mind about working for hard-asses is that if you do right, it is acknowledged, and if you do wrong it is noted. He was someone who handled real power and he always treated his staff like part of his family. That included the interns.

In New York, when I worked for Republicans, I was treated as an individual. When my problem opened up, they made sure I got healthy and made sure that the Doctor's orders in New York were followed. They stayed in touch with my parents to make sure the transition went fine.

Now I worked for Your Avatar. And I worked for Liberals. Did you guys even care? No. Your Avatar was hard-ass but had no concern for your staff. if you were not her favorite, she did not care. Ask anyone on the Third Floor how they are treated or better yet, ask those she fired from the Third Floor. She never worked among actual power, and she was pettier then those who did. She represented you.

I tried (and failed) to check into Cedars-Sinai (again, blame Your Avatar). My family became worried about my health and calls were made all around. That's how it jumped from just being a Medical issue into a Legal one.

Things were not so "Fair to Middling,"

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