Saturday, April 11, 2009

During this time of Exodus and Easter: Donate and play a Game

Passover is my favorite Jewish Holiday.


Families come together and talk of freedom from bondage. We relate the story of Exodus around the table. How cool is it that the one Bible story Hollywood got right is with Charles Heston as Moses? For my Bar Mitzvah at the Western wall, I was taught to read the first three chapters of Exodus.

During the Passover ceremony, everyone around the table reads the Haggadah and talks of how, generations after Joseph died, Moses and his brother Aaron (with, of course, assistance from G-d) led the Jewish people home.

Easter is a nice holiday too. On the religous side, the story is the death and re-birth of the Jewish Rabbi, Jesus. On the secular side, you got bunnies. A win-win is the way I see it.

So, in the spirit of Freedom and re-birth, let me introduce you to a non-profit helping people all over the world follow the Jews to freedom: It is called Freedom House. This non-profit was created during World War II by Eleanor Roosevelt as a way helping free the sovereign peoples trapped behind the Nazi dictatorship. And then again during the Cold War. And today, with the dicatators and failed states around the world.

Please donate here.

As this is a holiday weekend, here is game to play. I like reading books and stories that use Alternate History. What if A changes, then what happens to B? As a history major, I like playing those games. Even my hero, Winston Churchill, tried it! Ready for the rules?

The challenge is this: Free Tibet.

However, there are limitations. You cannot follow the route the President Bush took, which was first listening to the last Administration and their allies about Saddam, the going to Congress with said information and asking for a vote, then heading to the United Nations to get a vote, offer a chance for the President Saddam Hussain and his sons to leave Iraq, and goes back to the UN for a second vote for our ally, the United Kingdom. Or you can follow it all at this link.

Second, the game starts in August 2009.

Third, you must put China's reactions to any move you make.

How would you Free Tibet?

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  1. Passover has always been my favorite Jewish holiday because of the way G-d is revealed in it, and how beautiful the stories and traditions are. Course my opinion is outlined in my blog post that you probably read. I hope you are having a blessed Passover. Chag Samaech, motek!

  2. I'm a little bit scared of Zombie Jesus. When the dead come back to life, you need to blast their heads off, not build a religion around them!

    Is that Charles Heston guy related to Charlton Heston from 2 of my favorite scifi films, Planet of the Apes and Soylent Green?


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