Sunday, April 05, 2009

Journal of the Plague Year: 4, What happened during


I have always believed in Commerce and trade was a way to keep civilization afloat (one of the reasons why I switched from D to R). In July, I basically told the Media, "I was not going to look for a job in the Industry," Was I complimented or respected? No. One of Your Avatar's Minions disrespected the first half of the comments and ignored what I offered. I offered, no return of the offer?

I spiraled and calls were made.

I stopped writing (during a Presidential campaign, no less) and I continued to fall. Eventually, I landed at Mission Community Hospital and they got me back on track. Suicide ideas? Gone.

During this time, where were the Liberal Hollywood people who cared about "The Little Guy?" Except for my sister who works in the Industry, I didn't see anyone from your contribution circles.

I saw Doctors, doctors and more doctors. The Legal side moved on, I worked on getting myself healthier. By this March, a report was issued and the Legal issue ended. We all finally found a way to move on.

Even though I am a Political geek (I understand the intricacies of the Legislative Process), I read stuff outside my own realm of experience. For a year, i could not read, either my fiction books or my non-fiction. My non-fiction book about Winston Churchill and the overthrow of Chamberlain. That book I finished in February.

For a year, I could not read my fiction book by Charles Stross. His book discussed the Post-human and the Technological Singularity era. Try grasping your mind around that. I finished that book in March. After the legal side finished, I was ready to read, write and Blog again.

Before we go the lessons learned, please read what I wrote here. You can see the progression of the disease during my time at your company. Don't forget to click the links.

Also during this year, one of my Uncle's died. I looked up to him.

The Conclusion, Lessons learned, next.

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