Sunday, April 05, 2009

Journal of the Plague Year: 1, Who I was


My name is Joseph Fein and I have Bi-Polar depression. It was diagnosed in 1999 during a very stressful time in my life. The doctors in New York told me to come out to Los Angeles to be under the auspices of my parents. In 2008, my disease returned and I had to re-learn how to handle it.

Why am I opening up with this? Because as I go back into the Political realm, I know if someone attacks me using my Bi-Polar depression, they have run out of arguments. As people attack Rush Limbaugh for his weight and his problems, it does not stand as a debate tactic, it stands as a lack of debate points. Please remember that when you circulate among your peers in Hollywood when discussing Rush or anyone else whose politics you do not agree with.

From the time I moved out to Los Angeles until I worked at your company, I learned about my Meds, and how to handle the disease. In late 2002, I was planning a move back to DC. Unfortunately, on January 3, 2003, my father died.

During that time, I helped (with my sister) to get my Mom on track. I felt no need of hospitalization then. I worked, I struggled, but I survived. At some point, I started this Blog to help relay my views and opinions.

And then I came to work at your company.

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