Saturday, April 04, 2009

Love in the Time of Vortex

First off, Congrats Ann Althouse and Meade!

I first met Ann Althouse at her Blogger meet up in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the Plague year was just beginning, so it brought a little light to that period of time. The Valley was begat from Althouse's own Blog (click on Create Blog on the upper right and you get your own Blog too).

Today the New York Times wrote an article about Althouse and Meade. When the news came out, the Leftist Blog Pandagon made fun of it, so did Andrew Sullivan. Begs a questions, Why do the Left hate on someone's good news?

No Blog on the Right ever atacked anyone personal for finding happiness. And a hint to the Bloggers and Politicos out there: Althouse is the political center, convince her and you've convinced the Middles. She voted for President Bush in 2004 and President Obama in 2008, she picks winners.

I hope she picks winners in real life as well as political life.

A final suggestion, the New York Times should fire Maureen Dowd and hire Ann Althouse -- she knows the line between rhetoric and reality and has little patience for Politicians who break that line. Maureen Dowd follows the Democratic Party line, so she is corrupted. Althouse puts up with no bull from nobody (watch out Meade!).

Again, congratulations to them both! I wish you many happy years ahead!

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