Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where's Henry Waxman? Not in Los Angeles, But Living Large in Bethesda, MD!

If we lived in a Parliamentary system (as the UK does), it would not matter where a Congressional candidate makes his or her home.  But as Americans, we believe in the  Cincinnatus concept of Public office:

Omnia reliquit servare rempublicam
 ("He relinquished everything to save the Republic")

This was promoted by General (then President) George Washington. 

Who was Cincinnatus and what does this have to do Henry Waxman of Maryland?

Cincinnatus abandons the Plow by Juan Antonio Ribera, c. 1806
Follow me!

Have you ever heard the story of the farmer plucked by Roman Republic to be a Dictator? That same dictator, after he saved his people returned to his farm?  That was Cincinnatus.

 Now, what does this have to do with Henry Waxman of Maryland?

Let's read California Election Law (which I had to follow in my run for Central Committee):

8001.  (a) No declaration of candidacy for a partisan office or for
membership on a county central committee shall be filed, by a
candidate unless (1) at the time of presentation of the declaration
and continuously for not less than three months immediately prior to
that time, or for as long as he has been eligible to register to vote
in the state, the candidate is shown by his affidavit of
registration to be affiliated with the political party the nomination
of which he seeks,

Re-read the red:

No declaration of candidacy for a partisan office or for membership 
on a county central committee shall be filed, by a candidate ....for as long 
as he has been eligible to register to vote in the state,

In other words, you cannot run for any partisan (or non-partisan) office in California without actually living in California.

Every candidate has to file from their home, let's see where Bill Bloomfield filed from:

Manhattan Beach, CA

Now let's look at Henry Waxman, running in the 33rd District of California:

Bethesda, MD (3,000 Miles away)

 And where does Henry Waxman live?

He has lived in a place where they had to re-value his home.....Should I look back further into the FEC records?  I don't think Waxman pays California Taxes either.

And trust me, I tried looking for Waxman on the Westside and before the 405. Each city, from Santa Monica to Hollywood -- Henry Waxman does not live in Los Angeles!  

Thus he has no right to run for office in the 33rd!
Vote for the ONLY Legal Los Angeles Candidate in the CA-33:
Bill Bloomfield!

He is a modern Cincinnatus for Los Angeles.

My question: Will someone on Capitol Hill file Ethics Charges on Henry Waxman living out of the district by 3,000 miles?   

UPDATE 7:06AM PST: Welcome Instapundit readers! Expect some more posts today!


  1. Thank god this guy is no longer my congressman. I was formerly in part of his district.

  2. There is a grey area in US politics where once elected from a state, Congressman and Sentators actually live somewhere close to DC.

    1. When you make the rules you make them fit your needs. Typical Democrat Mobster.

    2. Each state may make its own rules and if you lose eligibility, you're out. There is no US rule other than to honor the state rule.

      This issue came up in Indiana in our recent primary for Senate. Under the Indiana rules, Lugar had issues that could have led to some serious consequences. The voters decided to solve things by going with a different primary candidate.

      If Waxman is ineligible to vote in the state of California, somebody with standing needs to go and challenge his registration. If he loses, he can't be on the ballot.

  3. Did anyone run in the primary against Waxman?
    I would think that person would have standing to sue to replace Waxman on the ballot.

  4. @JHN1,

    He muscled out Howard Berman (now running in the San Fernando valley against Brad Sherman, both D's -- Thanks Prop 14!).


    I interned on the Hill. Both Congressmen whom I worked with had Homes and were registered to vote in their home districts. Waxman has no excuse.

  5. What about income tax? As a part-time resident of Maryland, Waxman owes Maryland income tax. (Surely he's at least part-time.) However, there are typically advantages to filing as full-time. Does he? How does he file his CA income tax? (If he's a resident, he owes.)

    Look more carefully at the Maryland property tax records. Do they treat full-time residents differently? Does he get that special treatment?

  6. @Andy,

    He might be a FT resident of MD. I'm having a Beltway friend of mine look some more into this.

    Waxman is paying MD taxes on residence, not CA.

  7. Why does this require an ethics charge? If this is CA law, he is in violation and cannot be on the ballot.

  8. Henry Waxman is an incompetent liar that should be in jail... Anyone that votes for this PUKE should be put in jail with Waxaman.

    The entire Democrat machine is a MOB run by Trial Lawyers, the most corrupt group in American History.

    The time is well past that these so-called Politicians (Mobsters) are rounded up and held to account for what they have done to America and its Citizens.

  9. Barack would have had him disqualified already.

  10. More importantly, since states cannot add qualifications:

    US Constitution, Art I, Section 2:

    "No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen."

  11. Probably roots for the Redskins and Orioles.

  12. JCF ---

    I got your note on my blog.

    This is great info. I am planning what to do next. You get the cite, no question about it.

    Please post:

    "Waxman Watch"

    where all can see and seek.

    Let's end the reign of Waxman the Taxman!

    Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!


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