Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moderate Republicans, Fiscal Conservatives and the Electoral College Win

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The past two Elections have allowed the rise of Moderate Republicans (In 08, I supported  Rudy Giuliani,  Moderate from NYC, and then Moderate Senator John McCain of AZ, won the nomination).  If you think Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan are Social Conservatives, let me throw water on your face (again)and tell you (again), no they aren't.

Let me remind you, on the heels of the Convention, what the different branches are and what they do (and then you will know more then Charles Pierce of Esquire):

The Branches of the GOP

1)   Social Conservatives [SoCons] -- South-East based (the Appalachian States as well) whose Right leaning Politics are Moral and Bible based.  Their saving grace are they are believers of  Democracy around the globe as a way of getting to Peace. Also, big supporters of Israel.  However, they are used to slam the other branches by the MSM and people who don't know the GOP and how it operates;

2) National Security Republicans -- Based in Military areas and throughout cities in the Blue States. The concept of Wilsonianism (as the SoCons believe above) as a means of peace.  These are supporters of Israel and other Democracies.  They believe the Military can get rid of dictators and make Democracies as Truman did in Japan and Europe.  (Most are former Democrats switching after 9/11).  On domestic issues, see Social Libertarians;

3) Moderate Republicans -- Based in Big cities and Blue States (like MA and NJ). This is Governor Romney. They don't follow the SoCons, listen to the National Security Republicans and are Social Libertarians;

4) Fiscal Conservatives -- Most of the Republican Party and their cousins, the Tea Party. EVERYWHERE within the GOP. They (we) don't want to END Government, they (we) want a Government that is not overly AGGRESSIVE (i.e. see smoking laws in bars or Taxamaggedon);

5) Social Libertarians -- A kissing cousin of Libertarianism itself.  These supporters are also found in Blue States.  This is one of the few issues I fight within the Party (Goths, I can use the backup here).  Paulbots are not Libertarians, but will only accept Paul (pere or fils) in the Executive Branch.  SoCons need to know that we exist. What Social Libertarians (and Goths) believe is something simple: As the Government should not have carte blanche with your wallet (Fiscal Cons), neither should the Government decide your lifestyle if everyone is adult and consenting. Here is where my Gothy friends fit in.

And for all the people yelling that Rep. Ryan co-sponsored some SoCon bills?  Here's a hint on how the House of  Representatives work:

A Congressman supports his party brethren on their issues, they support his budget.  Things move, shit gets done.  Ryan is NOT a SoCon. Any Congressperson can cosponsor any bill, if he is not on the House Floor promoting it when the Bill is being debated, then he isn't a SoCon.

That is the work of Democrats needing an Emmanuel Goldstein.

Now that you are smarter then Charles Pierce, why and how is the Romney/Ryan ticket going to win?

Winning Coalition for 2012

When Obama Democrats got the high of calling every opposition to the President a "RAAAAACIST" [Including Hillary! supporters, and the different branches of the GOP], they were putting off the middle of America who will not answer the polls truthfully.

If opposition to President Obama = RAAAAACIST, who will want to poll that way? 

Now, let's look at the updated map:

First, the States in play:

Now, lets update with my predictions:

It comes down to two things: The Economy and Coal.

Why did I give NJ and CT to Romney?  These are the folks working down on Wall Street who were attacked by Obama and OWS,

IN, OH, PA, WV and KY all rely on Coal as part of their economy.  Also attacked. 

VA is because Obama is cutting the Military budget (not the R's)

NV because Obama attacked Las Vegas.

WI because Ryan and Walker shifted the State to the Right.

My question: Knowing the difference between the branches, why do Democrats and their Praetorians in the press call every GOP activist/elected a SoCon?

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