Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Post 1000 -- Where We've Been, Where I'm Going

Way back in the mists of time (actually, the Ides of March of 06), I wrote this: 

In the book, The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk he describes the history of the British and Russian Empires during the 19th and early 20th Century (Pre-October Revolution). The British Empire during that time faced their own Waterloo at the Khyber Pass. Your journeyman for this blog is experiencing a transition, not unlike the British in 1919. I am between many things, covered only by the shadows of the San Fernando Mountains; I am between jobs (and looking for a new career), between beliefs (a Jew who enjoys going to Bel Air Presbyterian Church) and worried about my own purpose in life. Through this blog, I hope to find my way, out of the pass and out of the Valley of the Shadow. 

Since then, I left Bel Air Church, rediscovered my Judaism (still not Temple going though); I have discovered more about my own Mental health then most people (and tried to adapt to it); I have also moved in Higher circles in RPLAC and the CAGOP.  Because of the Valley, my voice is listened to. (And after I go on a book and coffee date with a beautiful Gothy Muse and tell her the tale THEN I will tell that rest of the story here,)

And let's not forget that I fully embraced my Goth side after 2008 (the Plague Year and Shaking the Disease).  With that, I opened up many doors.  Here in LA, I play "Alderman to the LA Goths,"  How will that turn out? 

Stay Tuned. 

I usually put my favorite posts on my "Best of..." End/Beginning of New Year.  [See Sidebar]

My question to all my loyal readers, what was your favorite post? What do you find here in this Valley that you don't find in other Blogs? 

And before I leave this post, my favorite Gothy Muse so far (yes, Rule 5 with Tip Jar here):    

Kat Von D (in Red)

Thanks for reading!

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