Friday, August 24, 2012

Many Thanks to Supporters of the Emergency Bleg!

I raised enough money (not the target $600), but enough to help me survive.

The first thanks goes to those who helped and donated among the Blogger Community:

First, I want to thank Glenn Reynolds for linking and donating. 

Thanks to the DaTechGuy who got the word of my situ out into the Blogosphere! 

And Chris Muir of Day by Day for being the first to help!  (The Valley will link back and post your work as a way of saying thanks)

Big shout out to RS McCain! Of course.

Now, a quick list of thanks to all who donated:

Thanks James McF.!
Thanks Lynn C!
Thanks Jerry L.!
Thanks Brenden H.!

Thanks Stephen N.! He gets a special shout out for donating month to month!  Stephen, email me next month on an issue you'd like to see here in the Valley. Thanks!
(See sidebar on how you can do that -->)

Thanks Marilyn E.!
Thanks Patricia R.!
Thanks Michael S.!
Thanks Roland H.!
Thanks Linda P.!
Thanks Theodore F.!  and
Thanks Charlie N.!

At the first of the month are Gothic Muses (well, I am a Goth!) along with requests for the Tip jar, please help during those times. 

Back to work.

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