Saturday, August 04, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- John Carpenter's Vampires

Welcome back to Saturday Night Movie Night! 

Tonight, its time to enjoy John Carpenter's Vampires! 

Throughout the past two weeks, I've had to deal with family being sick (or like this week) or my own self.  I owe three posts.  Which are they?

1) Space Colonies and the American Polity (2) -- Landing on Earth 2. This is tomorrow night;

2) Mental health and the Democrats False Meme (2) -- Democrats have been calling Republicans (and others aligned) crazy.  As someone dealing with Madness, let me tell you the ways this leads to Epistemic Closure. Blame Steve Benen and Charles Pierce.

3) The Politics of Love vs. The Politics of Anger -- who wins? -- Here's a hint, what party doesn't blame the public when they lose Elections? Which party accepts people within their party that do not need Ivy Degrees? The party of the People is NOT the Democrats.

It's the Dog Days, nothing serious happens in American Politics until it does.

 Now, first some music, then the movie.

Now the movie:

See you back here tomorrow. 

Tonight, I am at Mode:M!

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