Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Emergency August Bleg (and a Request for Future Tip Jars)

I love posting the Gothic Beauties (i.e Rule 5's) at the beginning of the month. 

However, I am still having trouble maintaining a consistent Tip jar to keep me afloat (The Valley is one of the few means of funds that I have).

[Hit the PayPal Button on the Sidebar if you cannot do it here--->]

Right now, I am trying to raise $700 before Sunday. 

DatechGuy tried to help earlier, but there was no takers.

There are bills and survival I need to take care of.  Since I cannot get to Tampa this cycle (no corporate sponsorship), please help the Valley with this months Emergency Bleg. 

Also, if you can donate, please help on the beginning of the month posts as well. I cannot travel like RS, but I can tell you tales of how to win Los Angeles for the GOP.  I am on the ground and know the players and people.  With the extra funds, I can get to different places in LA to plan strategic moves then get back to you here in the Valley.

I might be stuck in paradise, but, like every Blogger, I need to have some income.

Hence, the Tip jar. 

Please help. 

Thanks for your donations!

1 comment:

  1. I'm stuck with an empty tip jar and blegging for help too (so I can keep fighting my illness as my medical care is only possible thanks to my handful of readers) so I'm afraid I can't help you right now, but you just got Intalanched(!!!), so hopefully the help you need will soon be on the way!
    Good luck, and keep hanging on!


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