Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rep. Akin, Please Go Now.

I don't support what Rep. Akin said. I think what he said was idiotic and he should leave the Politcal Realm NOW.
When Dana Loesch, Missouri Voter and tea party radio host says its time to leave the Political field, you GO!

 If Moderate Republican Governor Mitt Romney (and POTUS candidate) and Conservative Talk Show host (and rabble rouser) Rush Limbaugh both agree its time to go, then GO!

Rep. Akin, you put your foot in it and nearly damaged the work we are trying to do in Los Angeles. We have Social Libertarians and artists who qualify for "Leave Us Alone Coalition,"  Leave the social issues alone and let people live in peace.

For what Rep Akin said, the Valley says its time for him to leave. NOW

Please take MN State Rep. Kerry Gauthier with you.  

(I challenge Democrats to stand up against Rep. Kerry Gauthier)

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