Saturday, October 03, 2009

On Friday, President Obama Rolled Snake Eyes. No chance for Boxcars until 2013.

On Friday, President Obama failed domestically and internationally.

Let's start domestically:

1) The Unemployment numbers rose for September 2009. 9.8% for September. 9.7% in August. 9.6% July and 9.5% in June. Last I checked, President Bush is residing in Texas, president Obama is in the White House. Who owns those numbers?

2) From, General (government) Motors, the Saturn line is closing. How many jobs will be lost from design, production to fixing these cars? By the way, President Obama owns GM. How's that working out for everybody?

Now, internationally:

1) President Obama made a surprise announcement taking away the missile defense of Czechoslovakia and Poland against Iran and an encroaching Russia. He did it without talking with either of these nations at any level.

2) After a major lobbying effort by Oprah and President Obama, Chicago came in dead last with the International Olympic Committee.

In craps, President Obama rolled a snake eyes. The lowest roll on the board. Losing allies overseas, losing a public relations battle overseas, losing jobs and GM failing under his watch. You can't spin it. He lost on all fronts.

Why were Conservative and Republicans smiling on Friday? Because for 8 years, we have heard how smart and intelligent Liberals and Democrats were, and once they ran the Federal Government, all will be well.

Guess what? Wrong!

When new York City lost 2012 under the Bush Administration, people at the Daily Kos (and Kos himself) cheered. Hello Karma.

Here are some basic rules of politics:

A) Always back your friends and allies (see Israel, Poland and Czech).

B) If you say you're better then the last guy, better come through (see GM).

C) Tactics and attitudes during the opposition of the last Administration will bite the administration of the other party. As I say, don't like it, don't start it. Liberals cheered Bush losing the NYC bid.

They never gave President Bush support on anything. Look at how Liberals danced on the head of a pin on Iraq. And NOW they're flustered with Afghanistan.?!? Reap what you sow.

We on the Right (especially in the Blogosphere) are playing proposition bets, while President Obama and the Democrats are staying on the hardaways. Guess who wins?

For my friends on the Left, here's a hint:

If your financial and philosophical allies are backing Roman Polanski, stop calling yourselves more intelligent then average Americans. You aren't. Look at the rising (still) unemployment rates.

For my friends on the Right:

If anyone on the Polanski list gave funds to a Congressional candidate, highlight that. How many more companies will shed jobs? Highlight that. How many more Overseas Allies will be hurt by President Obama? Keep asking.

As long as President Obama and his allies think they are smarter, better and nicer then the Average American, we win in 2010 and 2012.

For now, President Obama rolls the dice and he keeps rolling snake eyes and betting on the hardaways. That's can't even hit Pass.

My questions:

i) Do you know anyone who has been hired for a full time non-governmental job since Obama's inauguration?
ii) Why does President Obama treat Iran nicer then Israel?
iii) What bets would you place on the Obama Administration? Craps terms please.

Next shooter!

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