Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vivere Militare Est or "To Live is to Fight,"

And I have fought. And fought.

Against the upcoming ideals of the Liberals and the Democrats: Government Run health care.

The battle is over, I am ready to write again (in all manner of places).

Here is what you can look forward to in the Valley (as always, subscribe and you can be months ahead of Politico):

A) Shaking the Disease. It's the story of the battle fought and the time lost. And why Government should not run health care. By someone who lived the nightmare. RS McCain and Prof. Jacobson, pay attention to these posts (later this week).

B) Flunking Flank will be a regular feature. On permanent Flank Flunkers: Conor Friedersdorf for never supporting any Conservative, on air or on the net. Conor, stop running with Mucus.

C)*** The Republican Encyclicals.**** If you want to know where the idea for the Town Hall protests started -- read it here.

D) Meet the Candidate - Any Conservative and/or Republican candidate from the Southland and San Diego to your part of the country will be highlighted. Email me and I will promote your candidate, from Dog catcher to Congress, and their fundraising site. 2010 here we come!

E) Science Fiction, the Technological Singularity and Surrealism -- because Blogging is supposed to be fun too!

Another post later! Keep reading the Valley.

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