Sunday, November 01, 2009

So much for "Smart Diplomacy," in Afghanistan

While the Obama Administration is reading books about Vietnam to understand Afghanistan (rather then reading books about Afghanistan to understand Afghanistan); While President Obama takes the press to watch the fallen in Dover, Delaware, History moves on without "the best and the brightest," of the Obama Administration.

President Karzai won the Afghan election back on September 16; Now, like Chicago Alderman finding Zombie voters, the Obama Administration days later found issues with Karzai's election. According to the media, there was supposed to be a runoff this week (after America's first off-year elections during this Harold Saxon Presidency).

However, international politics is like Domestic politics in one way: if an American president is seen as weak and vacillating, he usually cannot be counted to support allies with strength (Hello Israel!), thus no one will follow the Presidents lead.

From (G-d help me) Al-Jazeera US, watch and understand:

If the Obama Administration could not make it easier for Dr. Abdullah Abdullah comfortable for a run-off, how can the same Administration keep you healthy?

Former Vice President Cheney said President Obama was "dithering," in making a decision about what strategy to use in Afghanistan. That was mentioned earlier this Summer in the Valley.

President Obama is the Commander in chief. This was the so-called "war of necessity," (Read the speech at the link to show yourself how much Senator Obama understood Afghanistan.) Where is Obama's so called great decision making skills?

Why should President Obama be trusted domestically when his allies overseas are wary of him now?

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  1. The smartest thing ever said to me was that war is diplomacy, it is diplomacy by use of military force, or as some call it gunboat diplomacy...this seems to be the only diplomacy that works.


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