Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why does Conor Friedersdorf support an Anti-Semite?

Andrew Sullivan is his mentor and his mentor has gone after Jews and Israel many times, as I note here.

Real Conservatives support Israel and Jews, why is Conor silent on this?

I guess silence means he agrees with Sullivan.

Again, I have bets that he will work for the Obama Administration as a speechwriter after 2010.

In none of his posts anywhere around the net since 1/20/09 has he gone after Obama or Liberals, thus he is not a Conservative.

My question, why does Conor support Anti-semitism?

Update 11/19/ 10:13AM : Sullivan comes through with his hate for Israel again. He wants to give the Pali state rights without responsibilities.

Such as the responsibility of recognizing Israel; The responsibility of not shooting missiles into civilian territory and the responsibility of building a Government that focuses on roads and schools and not Hatred of Jews (but Sullivan shares the same Hate).

And Conor supports Sullivan's permanent attacks on Israel.

Game. Set match.

Conor, either it is wrong or it isn't.

And your silence on Sullivan speaks volumes.

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  1. Mr. Shadow, if real Conservatives support the Jews and Israel, why, consistently and repeatedly, do American Jews support liberals?

  2. American Jews consistently support liberals for a number of reasons.

    1. Non-Orthodox Jews support liberals. Orthodox Jews do not.

    2. Zionist Jews support ANYONE who supports Israel, but most of these Jews are secular or again, non-Orthodox. In my neighborhood full of Chassids most of them are anti-zionist believe it or not.

    3. Jewish people value highly giving to charity, and this allows them to buy into the nanny government mentality that many liberals have.

    4. What is the definition of an American Jew, it is in flux all the time.

    American Jews, like anyone else are not monolithic. There are many beautiful colors and layers to the American Jewish community.

  3. Anonymous1:16 PM PST

    Simple, the very use of the term "Jews" by that name denotes a class of special interests that identify with that label. Liberals pander to special interest groups. Conservatives -- in general, not universally so -- do not. By and large this is a helpful tactic for liberals. Although historically Democrats are historically responsible for the worst abuses against African Americans -- Southern States slavery, the establishment of the KKK, Jim Crow laws, segregation and battling the the Civil Rights Movement ... and yet they have most African Americans in their pocket. Why? Group identity pandering. It's what they do. It is hardly any different from the way they court the Jews, hispanics or numerous other "special interests". Nothing mysterious to it at all.


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