Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th! Welcome back to the 9/10 World brought to you by AG Holder and President Obama

Let's review:

A) AG Holder (and by default, President Obama) are bringing Kahlid Sheikh Muhammed [KSM}, designer of 9/11 to New York City for a trial;

B) President Obama is still "dithering," on what to do with Afghanistan other then to leave it;

C) Because of Political Correctness and fear of cries of "Raaaaacist," Major Malik Nadel Nasan was not recognized as trouble at Fort Hood. So a blind eye was turned and people died;

Does anyone else but me remember the 90's? Let's take a ride on the Wayback machine:

After the Soviets wee kicked out of Afghanistan in 1989 (the invasion began during the Carter Administration after the Hostages were taken in Iran), America cut funding and interest in the region.

During this time, the Soviets became the Russian and the Afghans continued their Civil War. There was no structure in Afghanistan and it became a failed state. Then, during the second term of President Clinton's Administration, the Taliban took over.

The Taliban are not known for their championing of civil rights of women or gays, just like the Islamic republic of Iran, yet most on the Left would choose to cheer the Taliban or Ahmadinijad over an American Republican President.

In this failed state, Osama bin Ladin and Al-Queda made base camps and then declared war on the United States. Hear that: OBL declared war on the US in 1998.

During the 90's there were attacks on Soft targets and hard targets of America. The Clinton Administration prosecuted the bombers of the 1993 World Trade Center. While the trial was going on in NYC, terrorist plans were being hatched in Afghanistan.

Let's leave the wayback machine and ask some questions of the Obama Administration:

1) Does the Obama Administration care what happens to Afghanistan if we leave? What if it becomes a failed state again?

2) Even though OBL was convicted in absentia, plans for 9/11 occured after the trial, as if it had no effect, is President Obama ready to accept dead Americans on his hands because of his actions?

3) Will any Liberal or Democrat answer the above questions?

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