Monday, November 09, 2009

Setting Up "Meet the Candidates"

Election 2009 is over -- time to get ready for Election 2010!

As promised here in the Valley, allow me to introduce "Meet the candidates,"

Meet the Candidate - Any Conservative and/or Republican candidates from the Southland and San Diego to your part of the country will be highlighted. Email me and I will promote your candidate, from Dog catcher to Congress, and their fundraising site. 2010 here we come!

But there are pre-requisites before I interview your candidate:

1) I need a recommendation of the candidate by one local Blogger and one local activist.

2) The candidate must be involved with the local Conservatives and Republicans before Nov. 2008 (or the OK from the activist in your area).

3) The candidate must have a working relationship with any or all: County Central Committee, their local Assembly District Committee and Precinct captains (+1 of the Central Committees).

4) A website with a place to donate. After the Valley introduces the candidate and interviews him or her, the link will go up for people to donate.

5) If you reside in the Southland, I am the local Blogger, and I need the recommendation from Gary Aminoff who works at the LAGOP and the San Fernando Valley Republican Club (where you can find me). San Diego, I have other contacts.

Ready to begin? Good! 2010 awaits!

Is there a candidate that you think I should interview?

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