Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Government is NOT Broken: 'Tis Only a Flesh Wound

Let us count the articles that decry how Government is not working for the 59 votes in the Senate Democrats, 255 Democratic Members in the House (when only 218 is needed to pass anything in the House) and a Democratic President at the White House:

1) The Nation;
2) Time (Home of Joe Klein, Liberal suck up);
3) Newsweek (When don't they publish the Obama Administration meme of the week?) and
4) The Economist (Here I must say: Whisky tango Foxtrot?!).

Blogger Keith Hennessy goes into detail about how many bills President Bush received with Bi-partisan support, including the 110th Congress with majority Democrats. Seriously, if President Bush could get Democrats onboard with some bills, why can't Obama?

Here is a hint, President Obama:

1) Stop blaming President Bush for everything.

That's it.

And for all the whining by Steve Benen about Republicans filibustering bills and appointments, I have three words: Bush Judicial appointments. Do you want the list again? If President Obama was truly the Bi-partisan Statesman he claimed to be in 2008, he would have re-nominated President Bush's nominees that were held or filibustered.

President Obama failed here too.

So why am I quoting Monty Python's Black Knight (watch and laugh)?

Because any Governing coalition (and leader) knows to get votes and support you need to use a carrot and stick approach. But this is a campaign year, with many polls saying Republicans will take either House of Congress, so there is no reason NOW for the Republicans to compromise or stop what they are doing.

This meeting on Thursday (which I will post about tomorrow) is but a kick by the Democratic Party Black Knight -- After Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, the arms and one leg have fallen off the Democrats permanent majority.

So, contrary to the MSM, Government is not broken, the filibuster is not being abused, it is the intellectuals of the left don't know how to deal with the car salesmen of the Right. There was no give by Speaker Pelosi or Majority Leader Reid. And President Obama still does not know how to pick up the phone and cold call for a vote.

The solution is simple:

A) Re-nominate and vote for Bush's Judicial nominees that were held up;
B) Stop Blaming Bush in every speech; and
C) President Obama picks up the phone and find out what Republican Electeds want.

If President Obama was a Governor or Vice President (or Senator with more then a a half term under his belt) first, he would not need to read the Valley. But he won't and the MSM will whine again next Monday.

My question: Why have Democrats forgotten how they acted between 2001- 2008?

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