Friday, February 12, 2010

How to go Goth, Part One

As the only Offical Conservative Jewish Goth Activist Blogger TM (The Fundraiser/Great Hollywood Right Blogosphere Meet Up is one step closer tonight), I can talk about all these different worlds. As a sci-fi geek, I can make Doctor Who references with ease (President Obama is either Harold Saxon or Zaphod Beeblebrox); And since Marvel Comics still rule, I make references there too (The Post that started the Town hall troubles).

So tonight, with Politics at a standstill until after Presidents day, let's explore some Goth stuff. I started here. Now let's go to the great Lady of the Manners who runs a Blog (which you can see on the Blogroll) called "Gothic Charm School,"

Considering the folk I meet at the clubs in Los Angeles, she provides a great service (and if you need a consultant with Microsoft Talent, hire her). Heck, even my Los Angeles mentor was interested in the world of Goth on my Birthday. She provides a nice introduction to the Goth world, so watch and enjoy:

My question: What are the protocols for the subcultures where you hang your hat?

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