Wednesday, February 03, 2010

President Obama vs. Las Vegas -- Bet on Vegas

Before we get into the intra-Democratic fighting (which has been going on since 2007), enjoy this video:

Las Vegas is a true Western American City, birthed in the early days of the 20th Century. Between the Mormons, Mobsters and corrupt Union funds, the city grew from a town in the desert to a light in the darkness.

President Obama has been President for a year, yet in that year he attacked Las Vegas. rather then acknowledge the mistake his comments had for business in Las Vegas, President Obama doubled down.

Is it because the president is mad at Senator Reid for not passing health reform? Or his comment from Game Change? In 2012, Nevada will have a total of 5 Electoral votes and was in play back in 2004 (I know, I was knocking on doors for a weekend), during a re-election of a President. Is Obama rolling the dice with Nevada for 2012?

Is Obama afraid of people gambling? Well in almost every state there are Indian casinos (such as the San Manuel in California and the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut), and in every home there are Online casinos [Note: My late father and I worked on this issue] (such as: Vegas Red and Vegas Casino Online). President Obama is pretty silent about Atlantic City though, hmmmm....

Did Obama lose money in Vegas when he was younger? Or did he live The Hangover for real? Whatever the case, when President Obama goes to war (against Fox news, against banks, against Republicans, etc. et al), the President usually loses but not before someone gets hurt.

My question is to Vegas residents, present, former., honorary, and upcoming: What can Las Vegas do to protect itself against war by the White House and the Democratic National Committee? And for Non-residents, what does President Obama going to war with Las Vegas mean to you?

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