Friday, February 05, 2010

Is Senator Shelby invoking Sam and Dave or Placebo?

It was all over memeorandum this morning.

This morning, Senator Shelby (R-AL) put a hold on 70 appointments by the Obama Administration. And the question is why?

Two words: Constituent service.

Again, Democrats do not have clean hands in the Senate. From the attacks on Republican Judicial appointments to selling out to Senator Landrieu and Nelson for the Government Run Health Care Bill, Democrats do not own the high moral ground.

But both parties are hearing different songs over the holds. The Left is hearing Sam & Dave's "Hold on," Here is a cool version:

Meanwhile, we "uncool," Republicans are hearing the lyrics of Placebo's "Infra-red". Video here:

What lyrics do we on the Right hear?

"Someone call the ambulance there’s gonna be an accident,"

The Democrats in their rush to super-majority, forgot to ask the the Minority party what they wanted. Again, one of the first mistakes President Obama did was not to throw a bone to the minority (and also Mr. President, stop attacking the CIA and intelligence agencies). Nobody is coming to save these appointments.

If President Obama was the pragmatist he sold himself as in 2008, then he would have fully staffed his offices by September 2009 (President George W. Bush finished September 2001). See what too much partying gets you.

In an ironic twist, the Pentagon by picking Boeing over Airbus for tanker refueling meant less jobs for Northrup Grumman in Alabama

Constituent service is a major part of life up on Capitol Hill. Senator Shelby is standing up for his state; Maybe he spoke to Former Senator D'Amato?

President Obama can break the impasse: all he has to do is lead and compromise. Not just say things, but do the follow through.

But for now, Professor Jacobsen and I will just laugh at the Democrats for forgetting karma. Again.

My questions: Can the Democrats Govern? Were they lying during the last adminsitration about being pragamatists? Or was it only posturing for the camaras?

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