Saturday, June 14, 2008

Post 301 -- Upcoming Vistas in the Valley

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Lots of news, near and far. First, I'm in the process of looking for a new job, so posting might be more sporadic then usual. Second, Tim Russert died -- there will be a separate post later today about that.

If you have a Blogger Blog (or a Bloggy Blogger Blog), you can arrange posts by the amount you want, and I chose 300 -- thus, a new page begins. And here is what to look forward to in the months ahead:

A) Movie reviews: My friend Vita, directed a movie: Til Death Due Us Part. I will also review a movie by Jason as well. I suggest that everyone buy (or rent) the movies so when I review them, a lively discussion can be had (and those are the best posts). Hey, I still live Los Angeles, movies are a part of the fabric of life here.

B) Reviewing books, such as Andrew Sullivan's The Conservative Soul and whatever else looks interesting. The reason why Andrew Sullivan gets mentioned is because he will be mentioned in the....

C) The Republican Encyclicals -- These are begat from The California Encyclicals. The Encyclicals are a 10 year plan for the Conservatives and Republicans to return to majorities in House, Senate and Statehouses (the Presidency is an individual by individual basis -- why else would we have a Liberal Democrat during the 90's, then a Conservative during this decade?). These posts will be promoted from California to (hopefully) each end of DC. I will need help. The Encyclicals will be addressed to my two friends and mentors on Capitol Hill: Karv and Todd.

C1) For Karv and Todd, I will do a post directly for them as we lead into the Encyclicals. Suffice it to say, these posts tie into my book, Messages from the Valley. Also, hell or high water, I will be visiting DC for a week in October to pass the Encyclicals along.

D) Blogging my travels -- with my laptop, I will Blog about my trip to DC (and possibly the Blog World Convention).

E) Since this is the Valley, I will keep the eye on Liberal and Democratic Anti-semitism. To confirm my last post, Ms. Kolhatker went and did an Anti-Israeli rant for the fundraising hour. Nice to have my beliefs confirmed. And last I checked, KPFK supports Democrats and Liberals. Game, set, match.

F) Joint Election coverage with Jason as we get closer to November. What and how? We're still figuring it out. For now, visit Washington Interns Gone Bad for his perspective.

G) Advice for Senators McCain and Obama. Because it is always partisan to give advice to your own side, I will actually try to be Bi-partisan. I await to see if any democratic Blogger can offer the same thing.

H) More Welcomes and Music -- I will be introducing more Blogs into the mix, and the Music Director of the Valley will be my friend, Jonathan Winquist of The Trophy Wive$. And all Welcomes and Music come with some Youtube Video.

I) And as always, visit all my friend's Blogs when you're not at the Valley: Aurora, Chessnovice, Professor Douglas, Malcot, Norm, and Jason.

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  1. Oooh, I can't wait for my review, despite 6 years later my being a bit embarrassed of my lack of filmmaking skills on that one. People can watch my movie for free on my blog.


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